Sybille Rauch from gnawed the meat from a kangaroo tail. On the ninth day she was elected, but out of it.


While Doreen Dietel (44, “Dahoam is Dahoam”), and Felix van Deventer (22) in the jungle test is not a bad figure, just wanted to stop in the dispute between Chris Töpperwien (44) and Bastian Yotta (42, “The Yotta-Bible”) simply no rest. Sibylle Rauch (58) can be, however, now no matter, because she was elected on the ninth day of the Show.

A failed attempt at Reconciliation

adopted Before the out elected Domenico de Cicco (35) is from his Mitkandidaten with a “Woah, krass, ey!”, he tried even on the eve of the two in dispute to reconcile taps Yotta and töpperwien to each other – without success, as a one-player demonstrated. “I didn’t start that Shit,” said Yotta in a small round to Felix and Domenico. “He is with the press and has been talking shit about me,” said the muscle man, and described Töpperwien as a “Jive-ass bastard. […] Fuck with me and I’ll fuck you twice.”

Nevertheless, Yotta tried to take his Camp-Nemesis to the side, and to speak two minutes with this. Currywurst-man Töpperwien blocked. “I want to do with this guy,” he explained in an Interview. While he philosophised elsewhere, that only the spectators, “see the true faces” of the Camp inmates, believed to be Felix, and the two lead their duration of action, only for Publicity purposes.

between actress Doreen Dietel and Gisele Oppermann (31) seething. At the camp-fire ranting and raving Doreen with Bobpilotin Sandra kiriasis and her (44) on the Model. Gisele zero team was “capable of,” said Sandra. Doreen said: “I am with Gisele.” She was met with “never such a people.” The dislike is based, however, is obviously mutual. While the rest of the Camp was later a fairly successful jungle-examination of Felix and Doreen, could Gisele commenting pejoratively: “Yes, better than nothing, ne?”

tears of joy

Although Felix van Deventer has unveiled a couple of days ago that he is dad, with Chris Töpperwien he said, however, about the coming offspring, after the asked: “What’s going on in your brain?” Chris’ response to the Baby News: “Fuck the hen, ey.” Since Felix could respond only, “Yes, you, better,’s not'”. Although he did not know yet if it’ll be a girl or a Boy, but he wanted “a little Princess.” He could not describe his feelings at all.

“I will dad,” came the actor the tears, before he made a sweet Declaration of love. He would have thought “never, that I can love a woman like that. I can say with 22 years ‘This woman I will marry.’ I’m the happiest person in the world.” Also wanted to be a “cool Daddy” and child care.

A check between crocodiles and rats

for the First time, the campers were allowed to choose which of the two candidates must in the new jungle test. Doreen was after the election, between Sandra and Felix booth was the same, however. Fast the 44, decided to-Year-old, the young Felix to take. “We rock the? We rock,” said the two before the test, and you should keep right.

In the “circus Felido” had to perform the Duo’s four different numbers. As a mage, you should conjure up two stars from large cylinders. In Doreen that worked on the last second, but Felix failed. No Problem, at least off a star. As an animal tamer, the actress should then be put for two minutes in a cage with a crocodile Jeff. Felix should sort the rat and the right on three platforms. Both were successful: four stars!

Two more stars there were, you catapulted into a circus number with a rocker in the fish sauce-soaked balls in the air, which he caught. In the last task, the Duo should fail, unfortunately. In oversized clown pants, in which green ants have been filled, should Felix throw his Camp colleague with “jungle cakes”. To a few landed in the face of Doreen and so it remained for seven out of eleven possible stars. “Very cool,” said Yotta, as the two came back. Singer Peter Orloff (74) to see of the otherwise quasi there was nothing, was looking forward to the “feast”.

First, there was a kangaroo tail

Then the audience should call for the candidates. “Popsicle”-Star Sibylle Rauch and Bastian Yotta were on the Brink. Finally, the presenters Sonja Zietlow (50) and Daniel were able to announce Hartwich (40), that sibyl must leave the Camp. At least the had to gnaw on in the course of the new result to the dinner a kangaroo tail, the Gisele in your jungle test before, in addition to fish, pumpkin and other food products earned was allowed. No, not that kind of “tail”, even when sibyl and Evelyn Burdecki (29) were not so sure.

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