The Backstreet Boys come 2019 to Germany

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On the 25. January 2019, the new Album “DNA” of the legendary Backstreet Boys will appear. It is the tenth Album in their 25 year career, and brings the five musicians for five concerts in Germany. For many years the most famous Boyband in the world has a fan-base around the world. But who knew that almost Ryan Gosling would have been a member of the band? Or that which has taken place of all the first Performance at Sea World in Orlando? Here are seven fascinating facts about the Backstreet Boys.

special Note

In an Interview with “Billboard magazine” Backstreet Boy AJ McLean (41) chats with a very special secret. In the case of the recordings for the Album “Black & Blue” has producer Max Martin a Pups of Howie Dorough (45) converted to a Bass Beat. To listen to the particular sound in the Single “The Call”. “I think Howie has to Sing so much air in his voice, he sung, dun, dun’ and then farted. But he has not farted to the Beat, but also the Note taken. So Max has been refined, and how one of his patented Bass sound, and the remained on the plate,” said McLean.

The first appearance as the opening act of Shamu

Unbelievable, but true: The Backstreet Boys already 25 years are actually in the music business. The Band was formed on 20. April 1993. A month later, their first joint appearance. The first Performance of the Backstreet Boys was held at Sea World in Orlando. There the boys as the Opening Act for the whale-Show of the killer whales Shamu sang.

Ryan Gosling as a Backstreet Boy?

As an actor, Ryan Gosling (38, “La La Land”) in 1989, his career in “The Mickey Mouse Club” was launched, he stayed, coincidentally, in the same building as AJ McLean. The two were friends and played together Often Basketball. Also, Britney Spears (37) and Justin Timberlake (37) to have lived in the neighborhood. Rumor has it that Gosling was in talks to be in place of Nick Carter (38), a part of the Backstreet Boys. At the end, has made Carter the race, and Gosling, a successful acting career.

Nick Carter’s acting career

if you look closely, you can actually discover Nick Carter in the movie “Edward Scissorhands”. In the classics with Johnny Depp (55) from the year 1990, the then ten-year-old pop star plays a tiny supporting role as one of the children, the Slip’N Slide in the neighborhood. Also Howie Dorough has collected in front of the Backstreet Boys acting experience. He had a tiny role as a student in a classroom in the movie “Parenthood” from 1989.

porn at Lou Pearlman

in the early years, Lou Pearlman (1954 – 2016) managed the boy band, the five young men often with your Manager to from home. The Villa will then be a smaller Version of the Neverland Ranch of Michael Jackson. McLean recalled in an Interview at the time. “Lou was like a visit to Disneyland to hang out. He had every crazy toy that you could only imagine!”. However, Pearlman offered the boys a other occupation: porn. As McLean told in a TV Show, have watched all five together on a regular basis, the entertainment movies. “It was just hilarious,” says McLean, “Howie has seen for the first Time a woman kisses another woman. It was just fun.”

A Crew member died on 9/11

The Backstreet Boys have always had a very close connection to your Team and the Crew behind the perfect performances of the Band. Daniel John Lee was one of the people who taught the boy band the sophisticated choreography and dance performances. In 2001, the Band had some problems due to the alcohol and drug addiction AJ McLeans. As the five singers reached then the news that Lee had died, was sitting the shock low. The choreographer sat in one of the two aircraft, the on 11. September 2001 in the World Trade Center in New York flew.

“I Want It That Way” makes in any way sense

One of the biggest Hits of the Backstreet Boys Song “I Want It That Way” from the Album “Millennium”, which was released in 1999. But who the English language is also just a little powerful, has identified over time: the Content of the Text makes no sense. Only the boy group love is singing to a girl, and then in the chorus to see that it is this love not worth it. The music video was randomly filmed at an airport, and has even less to do with the content of the song, as the lines of text match each other. Why the song was released anyway? The melody was good, and the fact that the Songwriter of the Hits was a Swede and the English language is not powerful a sufficient excuse.