operators of search engines must delete Links to websites with sensitive data and after evaluation of a major EU-expert consistently, if Affected, apply for this.

Since it is forbidden to publish such data, could not be found in search engines. This, the advocate-General was at the European court of justice, Maciej Szpunar, on Thursday in Luxembourg (case C-136/17). In exceptional cases, the publication of sensitive information, which includes, for example, information about religious Beliefs or the sex life, but for journalistic or artistic purposes is allowed.

In another case, Szpunar recommended that search engine operators are to the left, you have to delete according to European law, you need to remove only on the territory of the EU and not globally (case C-507/17). In this case, the so-called Geoblocking is to use the Online content will only be blocked on a regional basis.

the Background of the processes are several lawsuits in France. These are based against the national data protection authority, which had rejected several requests for deletion of Links from the Google search. In the second method, Google had appealed against the support of the French data protection authority, to delete Links in the world.

Often, the ECJ judges follow the estimates made by the advocate General, occasionally, you may decide otherwise. The judgments in both cases are likely to fall in a few weeks.