“Very few people have the desire to deal only hours with the technology. In the case of Saturn, we have a solution for you: a personal technology consultant that comes to the customer’s home, the establishment of care and clearly explain how the device works,” says Helmut Altmann, managing Director at Saturn in Munich.

Modern technology makes the life more beautiful, but first of all, you must be up and Running and to be understood. Due to the increasing complexity of the devices, however, is not so easy. How to connect a TV to the Internet, a home network installed, or the PC set up, all of this is not in the cradle.

“Many people are overwhelmed quickly. And many do not know what functions a device offers, and do not use them therefore, in the first place. Therefore, it is useful to take the advice of professionals and seek advice, rather than the knowledge and skills necessary to acquire itself out of sleep,” advises the managing Director.

Complex technology

The personal technology in-home consultation is recommended for all customers, the complex devices such as Smart TVs, Multiroom audio systems, laptops, or even a digital voice want to use the wizard. Easy the free number 0800/4400774 choose, then a technology consultant comes to your desired date to go home. This takes care of set-up, connection, Installation, and explains in detail the operation.

+ The five most common reasons for a technology consultancy to home.© Saturn

in Addition, the professional helpers are trained specifically to explain complex technology simply and without jargon. Also, in older devices, you can use the Service. The technology consultants can help, regardless of brand, manufacturer, type and age of the device. As a Partner of Saturn, the German engineering consultancy, is acting. Advantages for the customers with the quick appointment and the reasonable price of 69 euros per hour, including taxi.

technology consulting

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