Sasha managed to win the prize money, but Tim Brewer was the winner of the hearts

©obs/ProSieben/Willi Weber

So you want to see the: In the latest edition of “Schlag den Star” on Saturday night, two celebrity candidates to each other, where you said that you wanted a win really. Singer Sasha (47, “If You Believe”) could decide the Race after 14 Games, finally, and 100,000 euros to win, many people celebrated, but especially the appearance of TV-chef Tim Mälzer.

A fair winner and a disappointed loser

“I thought it was awesome! This was the first Time that I have made such a blatant Challenge,” said Sasha after the victory over ProSieben. “It was beautiful, exciting and physically tiring! And in the end it was a tight panty. I would have indulged but also Tim.”

This was able to agree with Sasha’s Statement: “Here we have left today is really the pants down! Great games – and drive the Backhoe, I found super. And against Sasha has made it eh fun.” On the other hand, Maltster was definitely disappointed by his performance. “I can smell the money already! Maybe I’m not so Horny, as I always think.”

“Raab is back”

the Latter saw many of the audience certainly different. Brewer brought Pep into the show, so how did it Show legend Stefan Raab (52) once upon a time in the spiritual predecessor-Format “Schlag den Raab”. In Social media, many celebrated TV-chef.

A Twitter user wrote for example: “Raab is back in the form of Tim Mälzer.” Both of his spells as well as his “Mimimi” would make the Show “worth watching”. Another User can only agree with: “never has a candidate Stefan Raab was so similar to how it is Tim Mälzer.”

And even more praise: “I think the Brewer is really cool. Big mouth, can laugh at themselves and not take themselves so seriously. The bears nearly the entire #schlagd star-shipment alone,” writes a User.

another explained: “I may be with my opinion alone, but #schlagd star would have been with Tim Mälzer, a larger success, such as with Steffen Henssler! The consignment was not for me for a long time so amusing…” he says to the sister the Format of “beat the Hennsler”, but no, after the Show he stands with this opinion is probably not alone.