On Wednesday evening was the Wait to an end: In San Francisco, Samsung introduced the Galaxy S10, the new Smartphone top of the range model. This is coming in March in a total of three versions (S10e, S10 and S10 Plus) in the trade and to steal competitors such as Apple, Huawei, and co. to the customer. The goal is clear: After that South Korea had held niche companies in recent years, with real innovations, rather, to bring the S10 models Samsung as the market leader. A detailed description of the Galaxy-S10-series you will find in this article.

Technically, the new flagship will play in the top League – but this has its price. The new Galaxys are the most expensive classic smartphone, the launched Samsung yet. Here is an Overview:

The basic model Galaxy S10e (display size: 5.8 inch) 749 Euro and has a data memory of 128 Gigabyte.The Galaxy S10 (6.1 inch) starts at $ 899 (128 GB Version), for a device with 512 GB of memory 1149 Euro to be due.For the Galaxy S10 Plus (6.4 inch) to customers in the smallest Version of 1249 Euro (512 GB) on the table. The model with terabytes of storage, offers Samsung for 1599 Euro .

Galaxy S10 featured

To the fold, perforated, and a price of 2000 Euro so Samsung wants to reinvent the phone.

By Malte Mansholt Samsung Galaxy S10:> after two months, it’s 200 euros cheaper

What does this mean for the new Galaxy S10 ? According to Idealo, the Smartphone could be two months after the start of sales expected to be 200 euros cheaper. After a year, customers should according to the calculations, even with 350 euros price saving compared to the start.

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Samsung break away the profits – the reason you should make the whole industry

By Malte Mansholt prize from the Galaxy S10 Plus is likely to be slower

fall is Also the Galaxy S10 Plus Idealo from anticipates an imminent price decline, however, in the case of this “a little slower”. The basis for the calculations, the price development of the corresponding predecessor models. Therefore, models S7 Edge, S8 Plus and S9 Plus were able to save the Plus-after a month for an average of ten percent, a 25 percent price decline was reached after four months.

the new Galaxy S10 Plus , this means: In the case of an entry-level price of 1249 Euro buyers might have to after half a year, according to Idealo, forecast, 29 percent pay less, which would correspond to a Saving of 370 Euro.

Because the Galaxy S10e no direct predecessor, drew on Idealo for its forecast of a fall in the price of the S7, S8 and S9 in standard size as a reference. Result: The entry-level model could be, after five months, 30 percent cheaper. At a starting price of 749 euros, a buyer would save almost 230 Euro.

Here are the results of the calculations in the Overview:


So estimated Idealo the price development of the new Galaxy models

©Idealo Samsung Smartphones: high starting price, faster price erosion

In its price analysis focused Idealo also with General price developments in the case of Samsung Smartphones. The bottom line: the South Koreans sent their models in the last few years with always higher prices in the trade. In Parallel, the “price declines have accelerated in the course of time noticeably,” writes the compare prices page. If this Trend continues also in the new S10 models and prices are falling even faster than the predecessor, remains to be seen.


Always more expensive at the start of sales, but also faster, cheaper.


source: price analysis Idealo