According to numerous severely injured protesters is the hard rubber-launcher LBD 40 particularly controversial. The device is reminiscent externally of the portable grenade launcher by the military. LBD 40 fires, of course, missile, no Explosives, but a hard rubber bullet. The device is the more powerful successor to the Flash-ball, even if the old name is used. For the police tactics, this weapon has several advantages. The launcher is a ranged weapon with him, police officers can turn off the perpetrators of violence targeted, to approach them in striking distance. From the point of view of state power, we have created quasi-equality of Arms. The officials are often bombarded with stones, Molotov cocktails or sling shots, can’t defend themselves, but from the distance itself, if you only deadly firearms are available.

High energy of the LBD-a 40-storey

The missile itself has a directly man-stopping effect. It is used in the correct manner, the impact, the effect as a 8.4 kgs, heavy weight, falling from a Meter to the ground – but with an impact area of only 40 millimeters in diameter. The shot hits a Person at close range among the ten meters, is the energy of the impact is much higher.

This is the first Problem of the thrower. To tear a man in protective clothing or thick padded jacket, the feet, and to put at least a Moment out of action, is a powerful energy. It hits an unprotected part of the body, especially the forehead, temples or eyes – severe injuries as a result.

In the field, this leads to this paradox: the perpetrators of violence, have prepared themselves for the rampage, glasses with protection, the West, which distribute impact energy, and helmets good for LBD 40 protected. A hit has the effect of a clever Punches. However, upon wandering around the demonstrators, with a bare head that looks different. So it happened, the 15-year-old student Lilian. When shopping, he came in the vicinity of a Demonstration and was shot by police officers. His jaw, the cheek, the crack to life.

Advanced technology of LBD 40

LBD 40 is a quality product from Switzerland, and not a kind of ratchet, the rubber balls shoots. He has a range of 25 to 50 meters. To further distance it may be due to the higher energy of the projectiles used.

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find The photos of serious injuries, however, suspect that the thrower is also used in the shorter distance. The projectiles have a diameter of 40 millimeters, the length is 46 mm so there are no bullets. The drawn-out run puts the shells in Rotation around the longitudinal axis. Thus, LBD 40 achieved a scatter of only 14 centimeters to 25 meters distance due to the slow rubber projectiles, this is a very good value. Who aims at the breast, should not take by Mistake the head.

Clear rules – unclear practice in France

And this is the second issue of the lamp: If it is used properly, there should be no serious injuries. To avoid shots to the head, may be used for the pitcher only in a very controlled. There are no other persons in the vicinity of the destination may be, and the shot distance must be at least 25 meters. Whether that is done in the Chaos of the current demonstrations is always so, can be doubted. Not only photos on Twitter, also the recordings of renowned agencies show officials, the target at close range to the head of people.

long before the Macron-government, and the protests of the yellow West, there was strong criticism of this weapon, which always leads to the most severe injuries. Even if the government and the activists present different Numbers, it is undisputable that many of the protesters of the yellow were injured West of these weapons. And it was not the perpetrators of violence. The Journalist David Dufresne documented the injuries. The numerous hits to the eyes, jaw and cheeks to show that a targeted approach of the police. The 47-year-old firefighter Olivier Béziade was hit behind the head, recently the prominent yellow vest, Jérôme Rodrigues was shot directly in the eye. Since it is hard to believe in a coincidence.