Roy Peter Link, goodbye “in all friendship” as Dr. Niklas Ahrend


Fans of the hit series “In all friendship” have to say goodbye to Dr. Niklas Ahrend: actor Roy Peter Link (36) depends on his doctor’s coat on the nail. Since seven years he is one of the faces of the ARD series, since 2015, he is in the Main cast of the series “In all friendship to see The young Doctors”. In the early summer of 2019 appears to be flickering of the actor for the last Time as Dr. Niklas Ahrend about the screens.

“time for something New”

“Sometimes one says, the gut is simple: It is time for something New. And that was the case for me,” says Roy Peter Link and his farewell and looks back gratefully on the past few years: “I have never experienced before on a Set a such a vibrant, creative and happy mood, such as ‘In Aller Freundschaft’ and ‘the young Doctors’. I have not enjoyed this atmosphere, but also a lot learned. I would just like to say to all the ‘Thank you’. And would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the MDR-television film boss, Jana Brandt and Sven Sund by the Saxonia Media to ensure that you have entrusted me with this main role. I hope I’ve entertained the viewers well.”

Link was one of the most popular characters of the series. The Brandt self-certify to him: “Roy Peter Link has ‘all In the family: The young Doctors’ decisively determined. His great popularity with the Fans was and still is a critical success factor. Dear Roy, thank you for everything You’ve done for the ‘friendly-family’!”

exchange to the Spin-off

Link was already been seen in various television formats. From 2008 to 2010, he worked in the satellite.1-series “Anna and the love” with. Since 2012, he has belonged to the Ensemble of “In Aller Freundschaft”. 2015 Roy Peter Link as a Dr. Niklas Ahrend of the Leipzig Saxony hospital (“In Aller Freundschaft changed”) at the Johannes-Thal-Klinikum (“In Aller Freundschaft – die jungen ärzte”) in Erfurt. There, he took over the training of young interns, but held always in contact with his old colleagues. In the future, you need to be in Erfurt and Leipzig without him …