After the first encounter with a robot vacuum I wrote in a euphoric state, I could not imagine my life without Autonomous vacuum cleaner. Meanwhile, two years have passed – with four suction-robots and a wiper.

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The insight that it is not without a robot, is remained. The euphoria has subsided somewhat. Because it is not only good experiences to share with his robots. To do there are plenty. The vacuum cleaner working in an office space with eight people, and at my house. There is a dog, the more haart than it is for possible, and a garden, which he carries large amounts of Dirt in the apartment. If you look at what is being sucked every day, fully automatic, will not want to miss the little helpers. But there are also less beautiful moments.

suckers are pretty dirty devices


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Every day you drive a large amount of dust and hair out of the apartment and every day to make the fingers you dirty. By lint, and hair, the reservoirs are filled according to one or maximum two days. The engine does not condense the power of the fluff to a lump.

Fills in the web of the dirt container only loose, clogged the access of the roller. From this point on is no longer sucked. This means: once a day, auslehren. A dusty matter, which should not make sensitive people in the apartment. Anyone who wants to avoid the nasty work, you should look for a device with a suction station. There, the Robot is drawn every day empty. A solution of the Vorwerk VR200. He has a Socket, so that one can suction the small vacuum cleaner with a large device. Awkward, but not dusty.


According to one passage of the vacuum cleaner is full and wants to be emptied.

© Some vacuum robots are real bullies

In our living area thickness Shaggy-rugs – 3.5 cm they are high. Here are all of the vacuum cleaner, Vorwerk, Roomba and Samsung strike for various reasons, to surrender almost. Only the Netao Connected climbs the carpets and brushed the long fibers without complaint. So far So good – but, unfortunately, the Neato is a small tank, nothing could stop her. In the corners, and obstacles rams and he scars free his way vigorously. The leaves in the course of time, ugly marks on the doors and Wallpaper.
the remedy might be a self-adhesive felt ribbon.

From time to time it gets really disgusting

Neato Botvac Connected in the Test

Botvac Connected as a Single, even really thick carpets

Gernot Kramper

From the daily dust, the empty talk already, but this is honestly the least of the problems. The sucker Creek solid. After a while, nasty fine dust fills every crevice. Even long women’s hairs to go into the machine and never come back. Somewhere Inside, you are wound up. The dog hairs are not long enough. After some time, even the drive wheels can block. The wheels and the suspension of the rollers, the hair collect. Properly does not mean The long Curl, wrap the rolls, there strangle and cut the rubber pad (Rooomba) or the rubber lip (Neato).
to clean The devices is fiddly and quite disgusting. Best to wear gloves.

Particularly annoying: The rotating Laser of Neato and Vorwerk block, when the dirt between the Laser and the rest of the housing. Sometimes the Problem is not due to knock out, eliminate, sometimes. Then the entire housing has to be disassembled with about a dozen hidden fixed screws and put back together. The only get a skilled do-it-yourselfers.

Ideal for Singles

The robot vacuum in a controlled environment wishes. His master or mistress to appreciate this and try to offer him a species-appropriate environment. Too bad, if the people around the perfect execution. Thin power cable, towels, receipts, and laces every robot checkmate. He is stranded somewhere – that’s not so bad. But every Time, the foreign body must be brought back from the drive, or the brush. You guessed it: Also the dustiest part of the machine must be disassembled.

Muddy matter

most Recently, a wiper robot of type Braava Jet 240 in the kitchen. A sucker achieves the same result as a manual vacuum cleaner, his reduced strength, he makes up for it with time. The wiper is confuse gear, however, not with a manual scrubbing and Wiping. Not even with a Spanish MOP. He reached a cleansing, and how it creates a Swirl of cloth. Strictly speaking, should be first to suck a robot, before the wiper robot goes to work.

if you don’t want to get dirty fingers, you can buy Einwegpads for the device. They work like a Swirl-and-wipe for the device, a cleaning agent is already contained in the Pad. A push of a button after use and the Pad disappears in the garbage.

Black made Fliesenfugen20.15 Unfortunately, make these Pads a lot of unnecessary waste and costs about a Euro per piece. At twenty-wiper days in the month, in the year 200 Euro a year for Pads. The cost-effective Alternative are reusable Pads from the manufacturer, which cheap Alternative to Pads of a third party. The only Problem with the reusable Pads: The dirty fleece needs to be rinsed after each use Time and under the faucet cleaned. And again, it is disgusting.


in Spite of the unfortunate realities of the current account balance of the robot is positive. Keep the apartment and the carpet is clean and with a hairy dog and Muck out of the garden. Someone living without a pet in an apartment, he will probably also be less likely to breakdown, no rates, and robots will need to perform cleanings.

failures there were, by the way. The first is a serious operation error. In the pouring rain, the Neato is escape to the patio – then he was no longer the Same. Total damage. The Roomba from iRobot had gotten stuck and so vigorously trying to get rid of a rubber tire, eventually, of the drive shaft broke. The had me a replacement part for 40 Euro to repair.

vacuum robot in the Test

Vorwerk, Botvac or Roomba – what Robbi sucks the best?

robot vacuum to clean better than ever, even smarter you become. In our practical Test, however, revealed that the expensive workers are still plagued by childhood diseases.

Gernot Kramper

Neato Botvac Connected in the Test

Botvac Connected as a Single, even really thick carpets

The suction robot Connected is the new flagship of the rather unknown company Neato. Cheaper doesn’t have to be bad, the Connected with sucks.

Gernot Kramper

iRobot Roomba 980 in the Test

Roomba 980 – the tank among the cleaning robots

Vigorously, efficiently and mercilessly, the Roomba 980 moves the dust to the body. The Top model of the market leader penetrates, unfortunately, in new a price-galaxies.

Gernot Kramper