car up in flames received last separates me from my companion. Between the chaotically around cars that are standing lifeless, tumbling, dark grunting to Make to me. I’m in a hurry. We want to meet at the police station. My attacker off, I’m missing the firepower. So I run pass between them, from soft for you, save me from door to door, from side street to side street. Finally I hit the large, wooden entrance doors of the police station behind me. Security. For the time being.

So that was the beginning of the 2000s, when I the horror game classic “Resident Evil 2” on the Play Station 1 (!) in the basement of my parents house gambled. And so it was this week, when I had to decide now twice as old, and in my living room – again, if I contaminated myself as Claire Redfield or Leon S. Kennedy by the zombie, fictional American town of Raccoon City fighting. The Japanese video game producer, Capcom released “Resident Evil 2”. Almost exactly 21 years after the first appearance starts at the 25. January global sales. I have tested it in advance.

“Resident Evil 2” is a new game, not a Remake

First of all, the new edition, with around 60 euros, significantly more than most of the Remakes. The price, however, has also its reason: This “Resident Evil 2” is actually not a Remake, it’s a whole new game. In 1998, chased pixelated Zombies to the player through solid, pre-made backgrounds. Today, it moves freely in and out of the Behind-the-shoulder perspective through a HD-landscape. The graphics, while not on the very high Level, such as the great “Red Dead Redemption 2”, but not far below it. In addition, you get eight to ten hours to gamble, and with Claire or Leon, tired of playing time for his money.

Story-wise, have gehangelt the developers very closely to the Original along, at least for the cornerstones. But: The plot is virtually new, many of the strands are differently told, many of the classic puzzles are changed, new. And the best Change in Claire’s Storyline: a giant, invincible enemies, of the Good hunts for a seemingly unbelievably long part of the game through the rooms and hallways of the police station. The tyrant, Fans of the series from part 1, is a about two meters large, human-like Monster with hard rugged qualities, here is a stylishly dressed in hat and leather coat. Kill you can not, force him only temporarily in the knee. The gnawing again, but due to the scarce ammunition, and then also has to see quickly, that country wins.


no Matter where you hide, the great dark tyrant is far and always seems to know where it is

©Capcom manufacturer

in Particular, the sound design makes this part of the game so awesome: Consistently you hear the mighty steps of the tyrant through the house, thundering, sometimes slower, sometimes faster, but always coming closer. You shoot him, he’s angry, chasing even faster behind Claire. With durable three-digit pulse I’m rushed in front of him, imagined myself always only for a short time in security and had to collect on top of all the items, and puzzles to solve. This section was almost nervous at the limit of the Income and still so incredibly captivating that I couldn’t stop.

the miss courageous guy – warning, Spoiler – the spaces in which you save the game, can’t enter for whatever reasons, I found out very, very late. Then, however, I still had a little bit of my fun with it, him in front of the door attract, to take a step into the room, and to look forward to me about how he hangs out. The took the sinister shape of a bit of the horrors.


In the knee may force him only temporarily, and with the use of immense fire. But the rar is, therefore, the Council for encounters with the tyrant: legs in the Hand!

©Capcom manufacturer to shudder like in the 90s

However, not only was the tyrant-Episode consistently wonderfully oppressive. The Best thing about this Remake is the sentiment. Capcom listens to its Fans and continues the change of course of the “Resident Evil 7” consistently. The parts 5 and 6 of the main series were fine Third-Person shooting games by the way in split-screen coop, a wrongly dying Feature. Many Fans were disappointed, however, lacked both the good old creepy charm of the first four main games. “Resident Evil” – founded after all, once the Genre of Survival horror. The wild shooting the ammunition was missing. Instead, a strategic, slow Rolling and not rarely Flee to survive was important. Part 7 brought back these elements is impressive, and also the new Remake lives.

Virtual Reality in “Resident Evil 7”

“We have the Chance to deliver an epic experience,”

By Christoph Fröhlich

How then, in the basement of my parents, I need to keep this Time the ammunition of the house, have hardly any inventory space, the in the world distributed storage chests are your best friend. The necessary creepy atmosphere and the constant noise is Everywhere, creaking floorboards, rumbles something, or moaning Zombies. You wait behind the broken Windows, behind doors, nowhere is safe. Also great: Many of the rooms pitch dark, the player sees only a cone of his own pocket lamp. We often hear the threat before you know where it comes from.


Only with the help of the cone of the flashlight, moving through the pitch-dark sections

©Capcom manufacturer

The Scenery is completely reworked, the roots of 1998 are nevertheless unmistakable, and Fans of the series will warm the heart. Raccoon City Raccoon City, only in HD. Many moments have led me to Flashbacks of how I played the same scene back in the classic. The variant of the 1998 ended up, by the way, shortly after its publication in Germany on the Index and could be sold in Germany until 2014. Unlike the Original, today’s version from the age of 18 is free for sale and also this is a big Plus – writing and sound English translated, if you want to.

What is a bit of a pain

But, of course, also has the new “Resident Evil” quirks: The dialogues in the video sequences often seem a bit thin, or even bizarre, for example, if Claire is the well seen in a police uniform-clad Leon puzzled, asks, whether he be a COP. However, the nostalgic charm unfolds. Because “Resident Evil” was never for strong dialogues. The depth of the Story unfolds through the The documents you collect during the game.

What seems a bit of a pain, and from today’s perspective, fallen out of time, is indiscriminately cut for freedom of movement of the characters. The world limit in the streets of abandoned cars, are considered as insurmountable obstacles for Claire or Leon. Of hand-picked points of the game, you can then climb over barricades, or through the window.


Some things never change: The Rattle of the typewriter in “Resident Evil 2” sounds, even after more than 20 years and is a very comforting

©Capcom manufacturer

The memory system is Capcom the Kompromissweg: To secure, as then, by typewriter in some areas, but You can save as often as you want, and in addition is stored at key points automatically. This is done for the nostalgic Fans, my heart goes everytime I save by chatter of a typewriter. On the other hand, the developers have found, however, that the Old-School concept from the time. At the time, had only a limited number of ink ribbons to Save, had to choose its hedging strategically. This regularly led to it scooping up a unexpected and then you had to play a not insignificant part of the progress. Earlier it was relatively normal for today’s gamer Generation is actually unthinkable. The typewriter itself are distributed, but funny often in the world and seem completely out of place, such as if you just stand on the boxes and somewhere in the hallway, to save only because it would fit at this point.

scary Shooter

“Resident Evil 7” in the Test: the Horror of the next-Generation

By Christoph Fröhlich

And what need to be said: The game is a tad easy. At least in the Standard mode, probably the most gamers (first), is always somehow the danger to escape. With Claire, it will take the first hit of a full four hours, until I die for the first Time. And that only because I turn in a grossly negligent ammunition to waste, and, ultimately, unarmed, in front of one of the nasty “Licker” stand. The arg are ugly fellows, who were a major pain in the Original neat. A bit under-challenging the otherwise very respectable and well-dosed Boss Fights. The final opponent I beat at the second attempt. To those I bite me in the old “Resident Evil”-like to the teeth. But you can play the game, of course, on a higher difficulty level.


Oppressive, it is also in Leon’s part of the Story – and bloody. The window you boarded up by the way of self, otherwise it flops to one of the undead.

©Capcom manufacturer conclusion

“Resident Evil 2” has managed to Capcom a brilliant Remake, which is actually far more to it than that. Nostalgics get their money’s worth, even beginners will be able to win this game something. Instead of Zombie-slaughter the strategic survival is asked to fight, and very visually appealing Scenery. “Resident Evil 2” shows: The classics of our Childhood and youth to the Grand today in a modern guise and totally new Games. Please more of it.

Resident Evil 2 (2019)

Genre: Survival horror platform: PS4, XBox One, PCPreis: approx. 60 Euro age rating: 18 years