Munich – giant shock for the passers-by on the Reichenbach bridge: As a pedestrian in the night of Thursday, the Isar river was crossed, they were enveloped by dark smoke. A short time later, the flames struck on the bridge parapet.

Under the bridge, which connects the Isarvorstadt with the Au, was erupted from a yet unknown cause, a fire. The Munich fire Department reported no one was hurt. Also, the property damage cannot yet be quantified. The Reichenbach bridge is considered to be one of the most beautiful bridges in Munich.

The Reichenbach bridge had to be closed during the fire for the traffic completely. The bridge was damaged by the fire at the bottom easily. A minds indoors structural engineer the bridge in the night released back to traffic again.

fire under the Reichenbach bridge in Munich: police has alerted a guess

The passers-by had immediately the police and fire Department. Two squads equipped with respiratory protection devices, and two C-pipes, and fought the fire from two sides. After about half an hour the fire was extinguished.

As it turned out, had shelter caught lots of dwellings under the bridge fire. The about 20 times five meters large warehouse burned to the ground, according to police information. All 14 residents brought, however, to safety in time.

fire under the Reichenbach bridge: police Munich, Provided

The technical office of the Commissioner of police has started the investigation for the cause of the accident. According to a spokesman, the officials from going from a simple investigation: results it could be Thursday afternoon.

According to the speaker could not be ruled out arson, currently, as a cause of the fire. There is no information on an attack from the Outside, one intent of the residents of the property. Likely notes that “a moment’s inattention had resulted in food preparation” to the Brand – so an accident with a gas stove or a candle, for example. The fire broke out at a cooking.

fire on the Empire Creek bridge, in the conflict between the city of Munich and the homeless

The fire on the Reichenbach bridge, right in the middle of a dispute between the city of Munich and the homeless. 14. November, the administration of the state capital, had asked the residents of the Camps under the Reichenbach and the Wittelsbacher bridge with Print out, up to 29. To rooms November their dwellings. After that, the Camps would be removed – even against the will of those who have set up a place to sleep. The homeless had to put up a fight in the Social media.

The Reichenbach bridge in the headlines

The Reichenbach bridge was lately the scene of strange events. Recently, there was caught a thief, from the Isar, but his victim was not to be found. After the woman is now looking for.

elsewhere, there is a fire: A youth center in Bavaria to a camp fire took a terrible end. Someone had thrown an aerosol can into the fire.