Munich – FC Bayern München after the 12. Bundesliga round nine points behind League leaders Borussia Dortmund. During the Borussia Dortmund FSV Mainz 05 2:1 (0:0), didn’t do any of the FC Bayern against newly promoted Fortuna Düsseldorf on a 3:3 (2:1).

Dodi Lukebakio met for the guests three times. The equaliser he scored in the injury time (90.+3). Ugly scenes were there already before the kick-off, as guests-Fans were delivered with the police, a desert brawl.

FC Bayern Munich: Niko Kovac mad at his Stars

Bayern maneuvering through the draws against Fortuna more on Position five for Trainer Niko Kovac and his expensive Superstars, the Super-GAU.

“I’m not a bit mad. I’m really, really mad. I am totally disappointed and upset about what we have done in 90 minutes. We have the victory in Hand and then we make concentration errors, or individual errors are punished in the Bundesliga“, raged the Bayern Coach after the game. But that’s not enough. Especially the defenders way to get her fat: “I’m anything other than happy. We have made in defence, too many mistakes. So you are not allowed to defend in the League. We discussed before the game that the opponent will play on the counterattack, you have a very fast striker up front. Since we are not allowed to play on the Offside. Since we need to go and the passes to prevent. If you don’t, you will have the problems.”

Uli Hoeness increased pressure on Niko Kovac

problems now also call Uli Hoeness on the Plan. The President of FC Bayern Munich seethed after the draw and increased the pressure on Kovac, for the air is getting thinner and thinner. The game on Tuesday in the Champions League should be allowed to experience the Croatian still on the Bayern bench. What happened with him afterwards is uncertain.

“I’m anything other than happy. We have made in defence, too many mistakes. So you are not allowed to defend in the League.”

More voices and reactions to the game of FC Bayern Munich against Fortuna Düsseldorf:

Niko Kovac to the reaction to the draw: “We have three days before a game. We must see that we get on Tuesday the necessary point that we need. We will discuss this internally, because you can be sure.”

… to the previous season: “Sporty, we have presented the different. The first third of the season is played, which is below average, it must be for Bavaria-conditions, say so. Now we have the second third, the need to be above average, because we need the points, to stalk us back to the top.”

… to the failure of Gnabry: “We were supposed to be Serge Gnabry play, which unfortunately had to fit due to injury, so we had to modify the installation a bit. Gnabry has already felt two days ago, yesterday, at the completion of training, he said, he just can’t sprint. Yesterday we tried again to Wake him. It didn’t work out. But it is nothing serious, the adductor muscles to power, because you have to wait two, three days. I hope that he is for the Champions League game on Tuesday.”

Thomas Muller don’t want to over championship

Manuel Neuer talk: “the words are missing. This must not happen to us. We are bitterly disappointed in ourselves. We have to live with now, that we have to ourselves. We must always ask the Trainer questions, of course. He also gives his Best.”

Thomas Müller: “of Course it did not look today for a long time after a draw. But if you concede three goals against Fortuna Dusseldorf at home, we need to take us to the own nose. I’m just a bit perplexed: again, shortly before the end conceded one goal. As it is, of course, with a race to catch up is difficult.”

… now nine points behind table leaders Dortmund: “After a Last-Minute-3:3 we need not from the championship talk. Today we wanted to win, three points to make, so that we can come a step forward. We have not done that, everyone has seen.”

… the reasons for the negative trend: “We’re seemingly in a Phase, then everything will be punished. You have to look at the reasons, but I can’t leave right after the game razor-sharp analyses. We have enough rounds in experts in Germany, the bring then to the point. We are even now and don’t know what’s going on. We have made a dedicated game, perhaps the wholly-owned sharpness in the whole team missing. Perhaps we are then to leichtsinnnig.”

Fortuna Düsseldorf celebrate a draw like a win

Friedhelm Funkel (coach Fortuna Düsseldorf): “If you get at Bayern a point, then it really feels like a victory. We have made it about 90 minutes tactically very, very good, always on the counter waiting. Therefore, Lukebakio has played alone in the top. About him we wanted to come to the goal, that is fully risen.”

Michael Rensing (goalkeeper for Fortuna Düsseldorf): “For us, it felt like a victory, after back is 1:3, to go out and get a point. To get generally as Fortuna Düsseldorf in Munich to a point that feels really good. To celebrate So shortly before the end of the 7000 travelling Fans, there’s nothing Better.”

Dodi Lukebakio (triple scorer for Fortuna Düsseldorf): “We knew it would be a very important and difficult game. Everyone knew that we are playing against the best Team in Germany. We wanted to give all on the pitch and I think that we have done. I am very proud of this Team. So we need to make more.”

Sky-expert Christoph Metzelder on Niko Kovac: “He is mad, and I’m going to assume that he draws the consequences, because the air for him to slowly thin. He now has to make as a coach are clear, and personnel decisions. Because with the way today has been defended, he can’t be satisfied.”

… to the negative trend, the Munich-based: “After twelve days of play with only 23 goals – that’s a brutally bad value for FC Bayern. At the same time by 17 goals against the entire season yield in Munich felt. If you look at the goals against: does not have a reasonable rest of the defence, no reasonable hedge against embarrassment balls of Düsseldorf behind the chain. On the other hand, in the Offensive, the chance of recovery, exactly the same issue.”

Sky-expert Reiner Calmund for the Munich draw and triple scorer Dodi Lukebakio: “This is a piece of shot. He is a very, very good Talent, dynamic, fast. But after the first goal you have to set the identify and you. This is very criticize.”