versatility to bring a modern Ski today, Heinrich Sklorz, ski instructor and head of the independent Skitests Carving in 2000, is convinced. “Today, the Skis need to be high quality than in the past. The buyers want a Ski that can be easily and enjoyable to drive, but even at high speeds or hard ground alone. The must then not be flapping or fidgeting.”

of Course, there are also innovations for real niche products, but the focus of the company standing to the normal gifted customer. And the wish for an all-rounder that can be pronounced in different directions. You should not forget that the private customer only buys a Ski that must be different for different situations, so Sklorz.

news the Skitest Carving 2000

Since 1998, a large instructor Team organizes the annual “Skitest Carving 2000”. The testing always takes place at the end of the previous season in the spring. The ski schools can decide long before Winter, what devices do you want to buy. Be divided the test boards in the categories of Slalom Race, Slalom, Sport, the all round Sport, all-round, Lady sports, Lady Alround, all-Mountain, as well as innovations. For the average skier in the independent Test facilitates the choice by its categories, and clear word choice.

The Trend “Freeride light” continues in the normal skier. The group of real ski touring is manageable, but more and more Ski tourists dare to take a detour from the graded slopes motorway in the open, not rolled. There is the all-Mountain Ski. “You are driving in the countryside, but then again up on the runway. In a swing. The Ski must be able to agree on deep snow and slopes.” Only very few really want to be far away from the slopes, but the drivers expect that their skiing off the groomed Piste. “Only a few meters need to be next to it, but this has to work.”

technology from the racing

In this season to benefit the normal client greatly from the influence of the racing technology to the on-piste skiing, says the Ski expert. “Today, it is possible that a Ski running on different curve radii. This is a Mix of Slalom and giant slalom.” The Ski runs good and easy on a leisurely departure, but also at high speeds safely. According to Sklorz this is also for a driver.

more and more slopes are artificially prepared snow-covered and perfect. This makes it easier to ski the perfectly groomed slopes with compacted surface makes the Ski faster.

Basically, the Ski is designed to guarantee a high degree of stability, but also easier and more comfortable. “Technically, this is very demanding, if a Ski with a binding will only weigh slightly over a kilogram. The Ski will also have to run at high speed stably, but you should weigh barely anything.” This is made possible by the use of materials such as Carbon. The skis are wider, in order to survive in the deep snow, so you get the cheeks out of Carbon, so that weight can be saved in the center of the ski.

weight is particularly for ski boots a topic. “On a skiing holiday, people are on their feet all day, sitting elsewhere in the office. The burden of the skiing itself. Because light shoes are a great relief.” Compared to older models you can save up to 30 percent of their weight.

The Ski for me

another Trend is the increasing individualisation. Also ski boots can be adjusted individually for the own foot. “For people with problems on the feet this is a great thing.” This costs up to 200 Euro more than a comparable Shoe from the shelf. The Same applies to the Ski. “Nowadays, you can also have a normal private driver to his personal Ski. In comparison to other Top Ski, the extra cost is moderate.

Overall, prices remained stable, so Henry Sklorz. “As a level is reached, which the customers accept. This holds for a number of years.” Also, a sign that higher prices are not enforceable. “For us skiers, this is a good development. The skis are better, are elaborately made, but not more expensive. You get more Ski for your money than in the past.”

The test team has tested the novelties of the season extensively and evaluated. The decision is easier, because the Team has been associated with the Ski of the respective driver types. If you can classify his own preferences, Strengths and weaknesses, you will find so easy a recommendation for the perfect Ski. The detailed Test can be found here.

all Ski Test with in-depth reviews of all tested Ski you will find at this Link.

Click here takes you to a Pdf document of the entire Text of Skitest Carving 2000.