The zircon rocket is due to be delivered in 2019, to the troops, said Russia’s President Putin in a speech. The zircon is one of an entire Armada of new weapons, with Russia the United States wants to impress. Unlike many of the defence projects of the Kremlin the introduction of the weapon is exactly in the adopted schedule. The new missiles are more maneuverable than previous models and significantly faster. The zircon is a so-called hypersonic weapon. Putin said that, you can accelerate to about nine times the speed of sound, 11,000 km/h. he Also gave the range of 1000 kilometers. These values correspond to the information provided by the Russian news Agency “TASS”, from the year 2016, but they are significantly higher than the estimates that had dared to Western experts. This is expected to be about half the range and a speed in the range of 6000 kilometers per hour.

Too fast for interceptor weapons

A speed of 11,000 km/h makes it impossible at the moment, a weapon like the zircon intercept. Conventional defense systems are not able to obtain, in addition, the response time shrinks tremendously. In three minutes, the zirconium covers nearly 600 kilometers. Missiles of this type could only encounter laser weapons or electronic defense systems effective. The technical difficulties for this flight, however, are enormous. The rocket not only needs to be greatly accelerated. In order not to be from the friction burned, it must move in a Plasma bubble, and should still remain highly maneuverable.

a successor to the SR-71 Blackbird

Boeing wants to build the fastest fighter plane in the world

Gernot Kramper

according to Mr Putin, the zirconium should be first used on U-boats and ships. You can use the Universal Starter 3C14, as the Russian cruise missiles of type CALIB. The introduction is not particularly expensive, promised Putin. Of a use from the Land that spoke to Putin. Not yet, however, after the termination of the Treaty to ban medium-range weapons in Europe, it is likely that a land-based Version of the weapon will follow.

also Tim Ripley went from the prestigious military Journal “Jane’s Defence Weekly”.

He said that in 2016, about the zircon project: “It will reduce the response time of the Western forces is enormous.” Also, the United States would develop appropriate weapons, but there shouldn’t be some super-secret project, behind the West in this weapon-type is far behind the developments in China and Russia.

the technology of The zirconium would enable Russia surprise attacks against a helpless opponent, so Ripley. The use of as an Anti-ship missile is only a variant. Destinations in Western Europe could be hit in a way that the United States had more power with their attacks on Afghanistan, Iraq and Serbia. Only that the West is in the role of the auxiliary would be free of Taliban. “We live in a time, in the military balance of power is again possible.” Ripley added, the Zirconia will give Russia a head start.

air version is likely to assert

Russian media that there will be next to the lake in cubic Zirconia, a lighter Version that can be launched from aircrafts. You you may not need the boost engine for take-off. The zircon will complement the last year launched hypersonic missile Kinzhal (Kh-47M2), which is started by the heavy combat aircraft MIG-31. In Parallel a further missile is being developed of similar design for the Bomber Tu-22M3M.

to Be launched such missiles from aircraft, it adds the use of the range of the Jets to the rocket. The air used weapons of this type are mainly directed against the carrier groups of the United States. The hypersonic weapon was designed as a Fleet Destroyer, purpose-built to plane off a carrier.

high Resolution images

This is Russia’s super-secret giant drone Okhotnik-B

Accurate information about the cubic Zirconia missing in the West. Photos show models only on arms fairs. It is believed that the severity of zirconium missile is about 10 to 11 meters long and a warhead of 300 to 400 kg can carry. The summit height is estimated to be 30 to 40 kilometers. The Marine Version will use at the Start and rise into the atmosphere, a solid-fuel boosters. Only then, the actual drive continues through the Scramjet engine.

threats in the state-TV.

special explosive got Putin’s announcement, because the state-TV broadcast a amount, on the possible objectives of the zircon were marked. Including the presidential headquarters, Camp David and the Pentagon. The popular TV presenter Dmitry Kiselev, said that the hypersonic missile could reach your goals in less than five minutes, if you would started by a U-boat. Rear Admiral retired, Vsevolod Khmyrov, said the “TASS”, Russia will have the two fleets in the Atlantic and the Pacific, two to three ships in use, which could carry 40 missiles.