Asked about the mobilization of the yellow vests microphones RTL this Wednesday, November 14, Edouard Philippe has used a military term which has surprised more than one listener.

“It is of the poudre de perlimpinpin”, “croquignolesque”, “through”… Emmanuel Macron uses from time to time in its interventions rare expressions, and obsolete derived from the low latin, or the language familiar to them. On Wednesday morning, fans of the register of language presidential have had a new opportunity to enrich their collections of expressions. The Prime minister Edouard Philippe responded to the question of a journalist who asked him what he would do if the yellow vests were to block a highway or highway ramp. He took the opportunity to remember that he was respectful of “freedom of protest” and that it was by “taking individual responsibility”, stating that “the one who will block” and “put the bololo everywhere” knows “that he is taking a risk if it does not comply with the law.”

If the term does not appear in the dictionary, Wiktionary, dictionary online participatory defines the “bololo” as a situation “chaotic, very messy”. It is a slang word for external operations in Africa. From the “language mili”, as confirmed by Edouard Philippe himself. It is also the name of a neighbourhood in n’djamena, capital of Chad. A place “particularly run-down” according to Terre Information Magazine, the magazine of the Army in its issue of January 2010. At this point it would have marked the officers of the army would be brought back in France. The former general Bruno Clément-Bollée, expert of the african continent questioned by the Express, confirmed that it “intends this term all over there”. He also adds that the word rest is also used in the barracks in France. The Prime minister who has done his military service in 1994 as an artillery officer remained several years an officer of the operational reserve and therefore forms part of all members of the military marked by the images of this district and would therefore have appealed to his memories of the military service in using the expression “put the bololo” microphone of RTL.

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