Are a professional Team: Andrea Berg and Dieter Bohlen

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singer Andrea Berg (53, “soul-quake”) and producer Dieter Bohlen (65) ended a year ago exactly, to the very successful cooperation. But behind closed doors they have been fighting, apparently, is already back together. Because on the mountain on Friday published new Album “mosaic” are also two Songs composed by the Pop star wrote and produced.

“Between Dieter and me and never anything. The two new Songs ‘You must fall’ and ‘my heart is not under’ emerged after a long, very emotional conversation in Hamburg,” says Andrea Berg, the “image”-newspaper, as it came to the surprising reconciliation after the surprising separation.

Andrea Berg and Dieter Bohlen celebrated great success

In March 2018 had wanted to get the justified Screed of the occupational segregation, “image” versus “the head” and “new artists” to help. Berg said at the time: “I am very sad that he has ended our long, successful cooperation, now so abruptly in this way.” You had to learn, therefore, by Mail. Possible problems the two not addressed a year ago. “Between Andrea and me, o. k., no bad blood, everything, nothing,” said Bohlen. It is a “heart decision”, “the day has only 24 hours and my heart is only a certain amount of space”.

Andrea Bergs to date, the last four albums by Dieter Bohlen produced. Together, they celebrated a great success and ended up each at number one on the Charts.