Lech Walesa, and Jaroslaw Kaczynski will remain divided. The former Polish President and leader of the conservative party in government were because of a defamation process in court and have refused mediation.

Kaczynski’s brother and the head of state Lech Kaczynski was killed in a plane crash eight years ago, died. In the case of a dispute it goes to a Facebook entry Wałesa, in which he accuses Kaczynski, the plane crash had been responsible.

The former solidarity chief accused his adversary in the process again, in spite of extreme weather conditions the risky landing in Smolensk, Russia “” arranged. The Pilot should have asked because of the fog the President to make a ruling on an alternate port. This should have been on the phone with his brother. The content of the phone call, however, was not published.

Kaczynski had openly shown for comparison

The allegations were “particularly offensive” for someone who have lost a loved one, even an identical twin, said Kaczynski. He had shown himself open to the by the judge the proposed settlement. This was that Walesa accept his allegations of what the refused.

Kaczynski did not fail to refer to Walesa, an “intellectual deficit” and as a “danger for democracy in Poland”. He is calling Walesa an apology and 30,000 Zloty (7,000 euros) to pay pain money to a charitable institution. The court in Gdansk has a decision for the 6. December announced.