comes up, there is little love: Will Smith as “Aladdin”-jinni

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Actually, the Trailer for the live-action adaptation of “Aladdin should kidnap” again in 1001 night. Instead, the Clip is animated, at least as many jokes at the expense of the actor trying to tear Smith (50), which is the fact for the first Time as a bottle of spirit. Because as a jinni Smith is currently experiencing a blue wonder, and is filled with a lot of malice.

comparisons are obvious

Whether directly under the YouTube Video on disney channel, where the Trailer can far have more Dislikes than Likes, or in the social networks: everywhere, obvious, and common comparisons to be drawn. So Smith look as a jinni as a “inflated smurf” or a “talking blue berry”.

Also known as “blue Version of the Ogre Shrek,” or would-be Na’vi from “Avatar” refers to the actor on Twitter. Or attested, that he had a nightmare-potential and scarier than any horror movie Monster is Pennywise from “It”film. Generally speaking, the opinion that Smith, as a prominent addition to the “Blue Man Group” is better than “Aladdin” repealed prevails.

“Wait to defend”

But of course there is also a User of Smith. A user noted that even after the first Trailer for “Avengers: Infinity” the ridicule was great, for the first time, the villain Thanos (Josh Brolin) showed up: “Everyone said he looked like a toe. Meanwhile, everyone loves the oversized toe, so let’s all wait and see if we don’t love all of the blueberry, ok?”

it must Too not be a long wait. 23. In may 2019, so in a little more than three months, you will see “Aladdin” with Mena Massoud in the title role and Naomi Scott as Princess Jasmin in the German cinemas.