“Ooooh, what have you got there?” with the HP Sprocket print on parties, the newly taken pictures, that always brings attention. When looking at pictures would be the same after recording something special. In fact, the small Lifestyle printer to bring the Polaroid feeling back. If it works, we have tested.

First, the idea seems to have fallen out of time: As you could see the photos until weeks after the shooting developed, made Polaroid cameras with images, a sensation that you could see immediately. Should the age of Smartphones, the overturning actually speak to anyone. However, the Sprocket actually develops its own charm.

Polaroid charm from the Smartphone

This is the small box first unobtrusive. Slightly larger than a cigarette box the small gray Box in each Hand or jacket pocket fits. The fitting of the 90s, reminding splash of pattern to make the Look a little less boring, to the design piece, it makes the Small. All the same, The processing with the Format and the roughened plastic surface, it sits well in the Hand.

His magic, the printer is designed with the strange name-but only if you coupled it with a Smartphone and the first images of prints. In fact, it is thrown directly back into the Polaroid Era. Whether colleagues or friends: All were immediately on the after a few seconds, the finished expression, wanted to take the business card-sized photos in the Hand and examine. They had seen the image on the Smartphone.

the appeal of The Physical

The physical touch, then, but a charm of its own. Also, if the printout is – objectively speaking – quite weak. This went on even in the 90s better. Colors fade or complete alienated even, outlines, washed-out, But a quick souvenir, you can be forgive. And: unlike the classic Polaroid you can see the result after all before on the screen and only beautiful images to print.

Also, the use of the children’s birthday the Sprocket is a full success. The Kids, the pictures almost only digital, are thrilled with the just shot photo of the two in the Goodie Bag. Especially, because the deductions on closer inspection sticker turn out to be. Anyone who wants to, can pick up the valued-feeling photos. The foil was easily removed, Provided you dissolved in the test period but never.


The deductions can also be used as a sticker

©using painted Mans stern.de get So simple all printers should be

The printer setup worked in the Test so well that the combination of the App and the Bluetooth for the large printer. The only drawback of Bluetooth: The printer can only be used with a Smartphone at the same time. Someone wants to print out otherwise, you have to umkoppeln. Or you have to send holding the images back and forth. The quality deteriorates a lot.

The App is practical. Images are easily imported from the gallery, who would also like to the accounts of Instagram, Facebook, and Google can set up photos and pictures directly from the Cloud print. A funny idea is the Augmented Reality Feature. A moving image such as Apple’s will be printed live photos, you can scan with the App, and then get on the Smartphone Display the animated image shown.

the Biggest shock in addition to the image quality of the price of the images is: For twenty of the small prints, you paid eight to ten euros, a fifty-pack for 22 to 25 euros. A printout costs 20-40 cents. This is significantly more than a conventional expression, in comparison to the Polaroid but it’s still quite cheap. The printer is only ten images are included in the purchase. Considering the price from 95 Euro, and would be happy to be more. After all, the Insertion of the new paper a breeze.

conclusion: Beautiful party fun with follow-up costs

anyone Who really wants to print only on parties or for the kids quickly and on-the-go images, the Sprocket a lot of joy. The little printer brings back in fact, the Party charm of the Polaroid camera – that you can sort out the images in advance. In image quality you may not expect, however, a lot of The photos are washed out, have greatly changed the colors. It is clear to the charm of the Moment. The Sprocket can support. Slightly annoying are the result of the cost per image, and the small number of included pages to be printed.

The HP is a Sprocket already on the market and costs from 95 euros. To do this, you should plan when buying but all the same, some packages of photo paper.

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