money makes the (travel)world. A holiday? that is why carefully

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The plan says South seas, the vacation Fund of lake Garda Clearly, some of the dream destinations will remain for normal earners probably always be a dream. Nevertheless, with a reasonable Budget-planning of the one or other penny saving.

First things First!

The best time to start the Budget with the largest output and is, in most cases, the flight, the accommodation often follows right behind it. The booking date is decisive, not for nothing is it called: The early bird catches the worm. So you paid for a flight to Singapore as much as for a to Kula Lumpur in Malaysia (approximately 520 Euro). That’s where the similarities stop. Because the cost of food and accommodation could not be more different.

With a Malaysia-Budget in Singapore is not far away. Because the “lion city” is not only one of the smallest countries in the world, but also the most expensive. Even an Overnight stay in a Low Budget range you can find rarely under 30 Euro. In Kuala Lumpur you get for 20 euros a bed in the Three-star Segment.

Mix it up!

tourists should never set on only one method of payment. A good mix of credit and debit cards as well as cash, it must be. The latter, especially, you should always have on Hand. Because depending on the country, ATMs can be limited and so the spontaneous taxi is paid for travel uncomplicated. In order to keep the fees as low as possible, it is recommended, rarely withdraw, and then larger sums of money.

Back to beginning

even before the large – or small – Trip costs of a overseas health insurance, travel insurance, vaccinations and Visa. It all has to be taken into account. Of course, no one wants to cancel his trip or cancel it. Nevertheless, it can be costly, to waive a cancellation insurance. Also an unforeseen accident, for example when skiing, can stretch the travel budget with a stay in the hospital unnecessarily.