Higher compensation for delays and missed connections, easier access for disabled passengers and Bicycles on all trains – a regulation is adopted by the European Parliament by a very large majority at first reading. To improve EU legislation to the Rights of railway passengers in the year 2009.

According to the template, the railway companies should be obliged, in the event of delays of more than two hours of the full ticket price. In the event of delays of up to 90 minutes, 50 percent will be refunded for delays between 90 minutes and two hours, 75 per cent of the price. In case of missed connecting trains passengers will have no additional cost, be entitled to a seat in the next train. This shall also apply if the bookings were made separately.

Currently, train companies have to reimburse the EU for at least one hour of delay 25% of the ticket price, with a two hour delay for 50%. An Overnight stay is necessary, must be borne by the company, the cost for a hotel room.

The European Parliament for a draft Amendment took place on Thursday from the conservative camp is no majority, the should free the railway companies during “extraordinary circumstances,” the obligation to compensation. That would have created an “unpredictably large loophole for the railway company,” said the SPD-members of Parliament and consumer protection expert, Evelyne Gebhardt.

duty to provide information is introduced

The proposed regulation also obliges companies to inform passengers about their rights to compensation, such as on the ticket. Disabled people should be able to apply for the draft, in the future, directly at the train station free help. Currently, you must can usually hours in advance to register.

in addition, the railway companies should be obliged, in all trains and Parking spaces for bicycles. The umbrella Association of the European railway companies (CER), of which around 70 members of the Deutsche Bahn, criticized the vote. The ticket price is a decisive factor for the choice of means of transport, said CE spokeswoman Eva Böckle. The passenger rights would, therefore, allow for affordable and attractive prices. This did not take account of the Parliament with his vote.

the new rules, according to the previous planning to be effective from 2020 for all rail companies in the EU, regardless of whether you are public or private.

With the vote, the plenary gave its negotiators a mandate for the forthcoming trilogue negotiations with the European Commission and the member States. The Council of the EU States has not yet agreed on a common Position. On the reorganization of the Europe Parliament and the Council together. You need to agree on a compromise.