The Chinese Smartphone vendor OnePlus wants to let the current flurry of phones with foldable Displays will not be infected.

“at present We see no prospect that this technology brings to the users a bit of a significant advantage of what is there already,” said OnePlus CEO Pete Lau the dpa at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

“We will build in next time is no auffaltbares device”, although OnePlus technology for some time now, have considered, said Lau.

such A waiver was “the hardest business decision,” he said. Especially now, when such devices are in the focus of attention in Barcelona, there is pressure from the industry and also from the company itself: “Others don’t have, we don’t have that, we miss something?” You should, however, not affect.

A phone for the super-fast 5G wireless will bring OnePlus, however, in the second quarter on the market, initially in the UK and Finland, where the network is well advanced expansion. In Germany, OnePlus wanted to go to the Start, if the 5G networks to be ready. Currently, for the end of March, scheduled auction more frequencies, which could be delayed by lawsuits.

A 5G phone is much more complex in structure than previous Smartphones, said Lau. Especially in the particularly high frequency antennas have to be cross placed through the device at certain Points and also the housing materials such as glass are expected to have a certain thickness. “It is a whole new level of complexity,” said Lau. OnePlus have been working since 2016 the development of 5G Smartphones, siet 2017 in cooperation with the chip group Qualcomm.