The Germans do not place much value on secure passwords


The Germans do not seem to be your Internet security too many thoughts. The Hasso-Plattner-Institute (HPI) published his annual list of the ten most popular passwords in this country. And once again, this shows that the left most of the User in a simple series of numbers, and obviously nothing to Worry about.

So it was in the expiry year 2018 actually “123456” on top, followed by “12345” and the not less safe “123456789” on rank three. On court four, it has managed to “fuck” at least a creative contribution. But all the other passwords in the Top Ten are crack for professionals very easily: “12345678”, “hallo123”, “Hello”, “1234”, “password” and to rank the ten “master”.

“Such weak passwords the same house doors, which from the outside a key is inserted. You are almost an invitation to identity theft,” said HPI Director Christoph Meinel, sees the use of passwords still in need of enlightenment. The HPI recommend a long password with at least 15 characters, Lowercase and uppercase letters as well as Numbers and special characters should be used.