“The Walking Dead” is currently in its ninth season

©Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

The “Walking Dead”universe continues to grow and grow: After it became known that the first Spin-off “Fear the Walking Dead” will go in the fifth season, the producers of the next piece of good news for the Fans. The responsible AMC Director Ed Carroll in the side, “Deadline revealed” that a third series to the Zombie Apocalypse was already “active in development”.

Although the plans don’t be rode, nor nearly so far advanced that a date for the first broadcast could be announced. “But we have engaged creative minds, the first potential storylines to submit. We have with regard to the development of the new series a very good feeling,” said Carroll.

Who, how, where, when?

Thus, is also not yet clear where or with whom the second “Walking Dead”offshoot will be playing or when. Although started later, was “Fear the Walking Dead” in the first season, even before the Zombie Apocalypse, and, therefore, before the Original series. With Morgan Jones (Lennie James) and Dwight (Austin Amelio) moved in addition, there are already two characters from “The Walking Dead” Spin-off. Such Crossovers could also be in the third series in the field of the Possible.

in addition to at least three “Walking Dead”TV movies with the series divorced starring Andrew Lincoln (45, Rick Grimes). Surprisingly, the message about a new branch, because the undead in the AMC series with increasingly worse odds. The current ninth season received according to the website “Digital Spy” is the so far worst of a ratings since broadcast start (2010).