An unusual relationship with the photographer Steffen dragon leads to many of its models. Some of them will become good friends, with the other he goes on a journey. What are impressive pictures of the landscape and human. For him, the artistic Nude photography is the most honest of all the portraits, in a way, the personality to capture.

passion, the need of free-space

at an early age the Photograph Steffen dragon was passion. While most would try to make this enthusiasm to the profession, outweighs for him the need for space. This freedom is reflected in his pictures.

Only rarely, the photographer has already a finished image in mind. Free space means for him to be inspired. The Interaction between the Model and nature, and to give no restrictions at the time of Shooting. “It is the communication, the process of creation that makes it so appealing,” says the artist about the Genesis of his Work. As a member of the artist group Image 11, he continually expanded his horizons and new challenges.

Hidden personalities

Only a narrow line between artistic Nude photography and erotic style of glossy magazines. A narrow degree, the Steffen dragon with flying colours. For the photographer Nude photography is the most sincere Form of portraits you can get from a human being. A Turn and Hide behind clothes is not possible. This honesty reflect his recordings: For him, the thrill is in the personality capture to show something Hidden, a style or erotic, that you would not expect from a Person directly.

landscapes from another world

“The most impressive images while traveling, as well as last year on the Island,” reports the dragon and thinks back with passion on the places visited. With his pictures he’s holding it. Because in addition to the photography, he is interested in landscapes and cities. With your own character you are for him a reason to press the shutter button. So a Combination of the honesty of the people and the peace and quiet of a place.

one Of his favorite quotes on photography: “For me, photography is the simultaneous lightning-fast Detect is the inner meaning of a fact on the one hand, and on the other side of the strict and loose construction of the optically detectable shape of the world, brings that fact to the expression.” Henri Cartier-Bresson

Steffen dragon was born in 1972 in Dresden. In addition to his profession, the Hobby photographer, the photography and the travel. His Work has been exhibited in numerous galleries. On his Website he also offers photo shoots for individuals.

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