will Be Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) and Jon snow (Kit Harington) at the end of “Game of Thrones”?

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by the end of August 2017. the latest episode of “Game of Thrones” on the screens. Season seven ends with a Cliffhanger that makes the Wait for all Fans even more unbearable. How is it going after the fall of the Berlin wall? Who will sit on the Iron throne? And which characters will survive or die? The answers are there in April 2019: Then the finale will be released eighth season finally. The Hype for the last six episodes could not be greater.

However, the Finale of “Game of Thrones” is not the only Highlight of the series-Junkies in the year 2019 are eagerly awaiting. For three other series, there are a lot of supplies for popular Shows, and two projects are eagerly awaited.

Also, this series ends in 2019

It is the end of the Nerd-Era. The successful Sitcom “The Big Bang Theory” around the scientists Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons), Leonard Hofstadter (Johnny Galecki) and co. goes to 2019. In August of 2018 was officially announced that the twelfth season will be the last. Actor Kunal Nayyar (37) alias Rajesh Koothrappali told in the talk show of Ellen DeGeneres (60), the last episode on 30. In April 2019, his 38. Birthday, going crazy. The broadcasting in the United States is expected to take place in may. In Germany, there is the twelfth season of 7 or more. To see January (20:15 clock, ProSieben).

For actress Claire Danes (39) ends in 2018, the Job that you since 2011 holds. The series “Homeland” will be discontinued after the eighth season. What is the end, the creators have invented for her character Carrie Mathison? In the spring of 2019, the final twelve episodes will be shown in the US channel Showtime.

Also, for the Netflix series “Orange is the New Black” is a 2019 deadline. “After seven seasons, it is time to be released from prison,” said series Creator Jenji Kohan (49) in October. Whether all the inmates from the women’s prison of Litchfield come free? An exact airing date yet, so far the season have been published, however, always in the summer.

Two Smashers in January

Already on 13. January starts in the US-HBO has the third season of the anthology series “True Detective”. In this country there are the eight new episodes from 14. To see January on Mondays on Sky Atlantic HD and on-demand via Sky tickets. This Time, Oscar-winner Mahershala Ali (44, “Moonlight”) plays the main role in the 1980s in the case of two missing boys in the American Ozarks, to a determined high country region in the United States. The plot extends over several decades. The Trailer for the new episodes make it clear: It is dark!

replenishment of the “Star Trek: Discovery” from the age of 18. January Netflix. Each week a new Episode of the second season. In it, the actor Ethan Peck (32) will be first seen as a young Mr. Spock. Via Twitter, he described it in August as an “unparalleled honor” to be the “iconic Half-Alien” to play.

This award-winning Shows continue

in 2017 and 2018 from the acknowledged “Big Little Lies” pretty much all of the major TV prices. The series, which was actually planned as a mini series and tells a relay should be triggered a real Hype. No wonder, then, that the main Actresses Reese Witherspoon (42) and Nicole Kidman (51), which also act as producers, were looking for with a high-pressure a way as to be able to more episodes of turn. Meanwhile, the second season in a box is, and is to appear in 2019 in the case of HBO – with high-profile support from Oscar-winner Meryl Streep (69, “The Iron Lady”).

The award-winning Netflix series “The Crown” is back in 2019 with season three. The entire Cast is in the consequences. The Queen is not played, for example, Claire Foy (34), but Olivia Colman (44). Tobias Menzies (44) assumes the role of Prince Philip of Matt Smith (36) and Helena Bonham Carter (52) will drive instead of Vanessa Kirby (30) up to mischief as Princess Margaret. A concrete release date is still pending, until then the first two seasons to watch.

will be Eagerly waiting on the third season of the Science Fiction mystery series “Stranger Things”. Of the series to Hit the streaming service Netflix has paused in 2018. But a third as well as fourth season it will be. What is known Recently: season three will consist of eight new episodes and in the season finale, The battle of star court is waiting to have “betrayed”, as the published episode title. A specific start date is still missing. Season one and two were, respectively, in the second half of the year.

supplies for the German series

The German Netflix series “Dark” in 2018, the Grimme prize in the category “fiction”. Season two was already a done deal. So far, the streaming giant is silent, however, when the replenishment will be. At the beginning of November 2018, actor Oliver Masucci (50) let his Instagram Followers know that his scenes for the second season in the box. Season one appeared once in the end of 2017 – is to be hoped that the new episodes not until the end of 2019.

the third season of The German Hit series “Babylon Berlin” will be produced until the beginning of may 2019. Twelve new episodes emerge, calling at then end of 2019, first, on the pay-TV broadcaster Sky, before you come in the fall of 2020 into the German Free-TV (The First one). The main characters Gereon Rath and Charlotte knights are once again played by Volker Bruch (38) and Liv Lisa Fries (28). In contrast to the 16 episodes of season one and two of the new episodes are not based on Volker coachman (55) is the first novel from the Rath-series, “The wet fish”, but in book two named “The silent death”.

projects with a lot of Potential

“Star Trek”Fans can look forward to a reunion with Patrick Stewart (78). The actor returns as Jean-Luc Picard on the screens. The new, as yet unnamed series is scheduled to play 20 years after the events of “space ship Enterprise – The next generation” (1987-1994), and by the end of 2019 Premiere.

As Rachel Green in the Sitcom “Friends” know and love to Fans around the world actress Jennifer Aniston (49). For some time she has pulled a new series role in the country. The Show, which has given to Apple in order that revolves around the world of the Americans Breakfast television. In addition to Aniston Reese Witherspoon (42) and Steve Carell (56) are on Board. The series has already been announced for 2017. Apple is said to have ordered two squadrons, each with ten episodes. Now it’s fingers crossed that it creates the series in 2019 on the screens.