Evelyn Burdecki has no desire for the “Playboy” undress

©MG RTL D / Arya Shirazi

Passionate jungle camp-viewers and “Playboy”readers know it: for Years it was Tradition that the “Playboy” involved one of the candidates, which Brings in “I’m a celebrity me out of here!” in its February issue. But that is over now.

“The ‘Playboy’-title star of our February issue is the five-time German champion in figure skating, Annette Dytrt, in the new satellite.1-see Show ‘Dancing on Ice’ on the side of John Kelly,” explains the editor-in-chief Florian Boitin at the request of the news Agency spot on news. You have had “several options” and “current events” for Dytrt (35), according to the Statement. Why the satellite.1-the shipment should now be current (let alone rate stronger) than the jungle camp also starts this week, however, it can be seen.

In recent years, Mariella Ahrens (49), Jenny Elvers (46), Angelina Heger (26), or Transgender-Model Giuliana Farfalla (22) had been seen at the same time in “Playboy” and in the jungle. This year some of the beauties of drag in the jungle, you can also find the “Playboy”: “attractive ladies have to fight in 2019 again to the crown, some of which were already to be seen in the Playboy.” Especially Evelyn Burdecki (30), Sandra kiriasis and her (44), Leila Lowfire (25) and Gisele Oppermann (30) were traded as a “Playboy”-a favorite indoor. But obviously, now broken with Tradition.

Evelyn Burdecki had no desire

Perhaps the waiver was this year, but also entirely voluntary. At least one of the women was asked according to his own testimony: Evelyn Burdecki. The former “Bachelor” and “celebrity Big Brother”contestant had no desire for the magazine to take off. RTL said Burdecki, that they wanted to present themselves on the one hand, in deference to her conservative parents in the Nude. Also, you’ve thought to himself: “Germany doesn’t get from me, I’ll show my bare Breasts.” The jungle camp starts next Friday, the 11. January, at RTL.

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