Uber do not have to face criminal consequences because of the first fatal accident involving a robot car around a year ago. US prosecutors found in the case of a lengthy investigation there is no basis to sue to the car service agent.

The behavior of the driver, who was sitting during the accident at the wheel, but the further investigation, it said in a letter to the local Prosecutor’s office of the Yavapai County, published by the US channel 12 News from the NBC Connection.

At the time of the accident in the city of Tempe, Arizona, by the Computer-controlled Uber had captured the car at an evening test drive of a woman who crossed the multi-lane road, and killed.

The woman had shuffled a Bicycle, on which several plastic bags hung next to. According to an interim report by accident investigators from the U.S. NTSB had to recognize the Software of the Uber-cars problems to what you saw. The car is not braked, the safety of driver first reacted when it was too late. On Videos out of the car to see how it looks just before the accident, according to the bottom of the dashboard along. According to police, an Episode of the casting show “The Voice was running on your Smartphone”.

It was initially known, no further explanation for the decision of the public Prosecutor’s office. Uber had to shut down in the converted Volvo SUV by the manufacturer and installed emergency assistant. The company had previously decided to also test rides only with a human on Board, instead of previously two persons.

Responsible for the investigation would have been the Prosecutor for the Maricopa County, in Tempe. In the face of a previous joint campaign with Uber for more traffic safety, the authority transferred the investigation with a view out to their colleagues from the neighboring Yavapai County.