young Talent, Julius Wake-up calls, as Hans-Peter in “The Boy needs some fresh air”

©Warner Bros Pictures Germany

In the very last cinema-second, the film adaptation of the novel “The Boy must be brought to fresh air” by Hape Kerkeling (54) Large. Only on 25. December 2018, and can boast with the Film Director and Oscar-winner Caroline Link (54, “Nowhere in Africa”) with the best theatrical release of a German production in 2018.

consequently, the strip of kerkeling moving youth and the suicide of his mother fished told that place one of the cinema Charts. Thus, the small Hans-Peter, illustrated by Julius Wake-up calls, the super hero “Aquaman” as well as “Mary Poppins’ return from stach”. A week after the cinema start over 800,000 people in the cinema already flocking to track the history of the chubby boy who seems to be as an Entertainer born on the canvas.