Sophia Hoffmann explains how to cook without leftovers.

©Lars Walther

to succeed, The philosophy of Zero Waste (zero waste) becomes more prevalent. Who wants to align his life afterwards, can Waste in guidebooks as “Zero: Less garbage the new Green”, “Happy life-without the waste!” or “The Zero-Waste-Nähbuch” inform. The blogger, cook, and activist Sophia Hoffmann is now working in “Zero Waste kitchen” (ZS Verlag) the subject of cooking and foods: “If I see a battered Apple, I think about the brown to the body, but about 80 % of the intact fruit meat and what can I do with it all. I don’t see any defects, but rather opportunities,” she explains.

The author wants to give in her book, tips on shopping, recycling, sustainability, and storage, and recipes: “the one Who chooses consciously, throw away less easy to eat. Unfortunately, the opinion that food should be cheap and always available in Abundance in our affluent society,” she says. Bread is the perfect example: “one Of the most historically significant (Over-)food of mankind, it was to a disposable product is inferior in quality. Every fifth bakery product lands in this country in the garbage. The 1.7 million tonnes.” The reduction in wasted food along with the waste reduction is one of the most pressing challenges of our time. “40% is thrown away in private households. Since each of us can change something.”

these are the tips of Sophia Hoffmann


shopping, We buy all too much. My tip: each Person has only as much as you can alone, that is to say, a well-stuffed cloth bag. After the purchase, pay attention to what you must first be consumed. Berries? Immediately wash, sort, and the battered mash (in the fridge for cereal, Smoothies,…). Salads? Slightly withered Lettuce days, fresh, longer-lasting (endive, Chinese cabbage, Romaine lettuce) in the course of the week.

No residue

A trip is imminent, but the fridge is full? The food in the circle of friends, neighbors, or foodsharing.de give it away, you eat on the use or preservation: Blanched and frozen, it has fruit, according to the return, and vegetable stocks, which make up a quick soup, pasta sauce or a sweet Breakfast to prepare. Many (vegetable) dairy products, Tofu, and animal products can be super freezing.


The pantry is full with dry products: flour? How would you like cakes, pancakes, pita bread, Pizza, Pasta, Strudel? Rice paper? How about wheels with summer or crispy rice paper Bacon? Everyone should try to buy once a year, a month, no drying products and using up what you have at home!


Who understands food as a material, learn to create something out of it. You should not hold dogmatically to recipes. Hearty stew tastes good with onions as well as leeks. French fries from potatoes, sweet potatoes, celery and turnip. Peppers with rice leftovers just as delicious-filling, with boiled millet. Instead of lemon juice also Apple work vinegar to Taste. To exchange, to experiment, to dare!


Leaf to Root is the buzzword. The leaves of many vegetables are not only excellent to consume, they are even more nutrient-rich and delicious. Whether from carrot, Beetroot, turnip, or Radish – Pesto, vegetables or salad – too good to Throw away. Driven Bulbs? Very healthy and delicious. The Green from the leeks and spring onions: Finely sliced delicious on the Sandwich. But please, pesticide-free organic!