Ameli Bilyk with eingegipstem Arm

©MG RTL D / Private

It is, unfortunately, nothing from her dream “to become The super talent” 2018: The Top favourite for the victory, the rope dancer Ameli Bilyk (13), is the big Live Finale on Saturday, the 22. December from 20:15 clock, not be able to participate. Like RTL said, she broke the Training in the Ukraine the right Arm.

she could at the earliest begin in one and a half months of Training again. “Of course I’m sad that I can’t stand on the Saturday of the super talent Finale on the stage, but I press on to those who will now get to my place, the thumb, and also wish all other finalists the best of luck,” Ameli quotes from the transmitter.

you will, however, sit as a guest in Cologne in the audience. Especially in the case of Dieter Bohlen (64) was Ameli in the favor of very far forward, which pressed for even twice the Golden Buzzer. Last updated on 15. December with the words: “And what are we doing here, when we see the miracle of children?”