Nicole Kidman as Detective Erin Bell in “Destroyer”

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Hollywood Star Nicole Kidman (51, “Big Little Lies”) is wearing on the red carpets of this world, breathtaking robes, and presents itself more radiant in Public. In the past, the speech was time and again any plastic surgery. In her new Film “Destroyer”, of the 14. March in the German cinema starts up, shows the actress to be their greatest transformation in front of the camera. The 51-Year-old is a proof of courage for ugliness.

Nicole Kidman on revenge

police officer Erin Bell (Nicole Kidman) is summoned to a murder case. At the scene of the crime, the circumstantial evidence suggests that a lost Person is from your past. 17 years ago, it was Silas (Toby Kebell) on the track. He is responsible for Erin’s broken inside and out. She stumbles since then, like a Zombie through life. Now you seem to offer the possibility of revenge. You want to make your sins back then, and Silas to the track – no matter what the price. Will be crowned with your obstinate determination of success or the next disaster in the making?

Nicole Kidman without make-up and care-worn

Nicole Kidman is recognizable in “Destroyer”. Instead of her long, strawberry-blonde mane, she wears her hair up to the shoulders, with bangs up to the eyebrows and ungestylten waves. The Make-up should not make you pretty, but conjures up her deep Furrows under the eyes and around the nose. Their clothes radiate as little Glamour. Nothing sits right or emphasizes your figure. Wide Jeans, wide tops, simple Boots. So unfeminine, it has seen the Oscar-winning actress never has and yet it takes her destroyed existence at any second.

Kidman is driven on a campaign of revenge, by their own guilt and anger. She drowns the shadows of the past in alcohol and forget about the education and relationship of their 16-year-old daughter Shelby (Jade Pettyjohn). A stark contrast is also apparent in the movie, if flashbacks show a Erin Bell with long, dark hair, the charisma, charm and Charisma. Kidman plays the two versions of your character with the same precision. The sparks fly when you see with your Undercover Partner, Chris, played by Marvel Star Sebastian Stan (36, “Avengers: Infinity war”).

“Destroyer” is like a Puzzle that gradually added together, the deeper the audience back in time by Erin Bell. It is not only revenge, but also guilt, complicity and temptation. When a seemingly easier way out of the dreary everyday life misery, who would not vote for him? But you can throw its principles overboard? And you can then live with the consequences? The questions the Film answers, in the case of Erin Bell, clearly, and stimulate one or the other of the viewers might Think.


“Destroyer” is worn by Nicole Kidman’s strong Performance. She once again proves her versatility and that she delivers her strongest performance, if the appearance does not matter. You will feel just as worn out, exhausted and dirty as you. With a high feeling, no one will leave the cinema. “Destroyer” is not a light food.