Pietro Lombardi has two gifts for his Fans

©imago/precinct photo

Pietro Lombardi (26) has released today his new Single “Just a dance”. The Song is practically on all known platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and co. available. Radiant with joy, the singer has announced the release of, among other things, in the case of Facebook.

He is giving away a Smartphone

in addition, Lombardi has prepared a special action for his Fans. If they manage to stream the song together until Saturday at 17:00, a total of 500,000 Times, he would like to raffle off a red iPhone XR, as he explains in a short video clip.

This little Surprise, not to stimulate only the Streams and sales, but also the appreciation of the singer for his Fans. “I’m just mega happy for the Support you given me throughout the years have given,” says Lombardi in the Clip.