at the beginning of the year has tested the ascending great power of China for the first time, a so-called Railgun under realistic conditions. The military Blogger Haohan-Red Shark pictures published on the pages of the social network Sina Weibo. A Railgun is a cannon, the projectile not of a propellant charge from the tube is shot, but from an electromagnetic pulse. On the Railgun technology, many Nations are working. The pulse gun is in the location, the physical limits of the classic artillery to lift.

In the case of a conventional cannon, the initial velocity with which the projectile leaves the barrel, not arbitrarily increase. The expansion velocity of the exploding propellant charge is limited by physical laws. This leads to a maximum muzzle velocity and range, which can, in principle, not increase.

Railgun – a weapon in the Hyper sonic range

The Railgun, however, ammunition fires in the area of hypersonic speed – you reach the goal faster and hits more accurately. Much larger ranges are possible, and the projectile develops a higher destruction power, because it has a greater kinetic energy. The Chinese Railgun was first seen in 2011 and 2014 tested. Between 2015 and 2017, the weapon has been fine-tuned and calibrated to deliver at greater distances with better results. In December 2017, the weapon was mounted successfully on a war ship.

China’s upgrading

Silent Killer-U-boat Trumps the aircraft off carrier

Beijing has announced a new Generation of attack U-boats. You should be silent, that you do not discover under the water. Their revolutionary drive has now been tested for the first time.

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The prototype looks still a bit improvised, but still no other country has been able to test a Railgun under realistic sea conditions. Western intelligence agencies had estimated that the weapon will be used until 2025 in the Navy. Chinese media speak, however, of an entry into service before 2020. The new Chinese missile destroyer type 055 will be fitted with the gun. Type 055 is regarded as the world’s most advanced and battle-strongest model in its class.

what is the advantage of a Railgun?

China’s Railgun can hit targets in a range of 200 kilometres with a speed of 10,000 km/h. A classic cannon reaches about 40 km range. The range is in an area that today is sea-based air defense missiles. But the shot of a Railgun is much cheaper than a guided missile. US intelligence services estimate that Beijing only has to spend around 25,000 to 50,000 dollars per shot, while a missile costs about $ 500,000.

Rail Gun the U.S. Navy

Deadly to 200 kilometres – this is the Star Wars gun requires no powder

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However, for offensive operations at sea, the range of a Railgun is not large enough. Far-reaching anti-ship missile would take the destroyers under fire long before he came to the firing range of 200 kilometers. China’s “Carrier Killer” DF-26 can even attack targets in 2000 miles away. However, a Railgun could be used to defend the ship, or of a carrier and attacking Cruise Missiles, rockets, and aircraft combat. The high speed of the projectiles makes it possible, even hypersonic weapons to intercept – with the current systems is not possible.

type 055

type 055 – China’s missile destroyers, the U.S. ships of the Arleigh Burke class truly superior?

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the Railgun Meets the expectation of the weaponry, would be a destroyer type 055 is almost unassailable. At least it would be a very challenging target for the U.S. Navy. In principle, the System can also be used on Land. Beijing could build with him over the disputed territories in the South China sea powerful restricted zones – Anti – Access/Area Denial (A2/AD) zones.

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Navy arms

Putin’s new fleet of twelve battle cruisers with 2400 missiles

The Kremlin plagues, money worries, nevertheless, Putin ordered twelve massive cruiser together, they carry about 2400 missiles. Their Power to complicate the global intervention of the United States.

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type 055

type 055 – China’s missile destroyers, the U.S. ships of the Arleigh Burke class truly superior?

Beijing is building a destroyer type 055 after the other. These missile destroyers are going to be the bodyguard of a Chinese aircraft carrier. Apart from the US carriers, you are considered to be the most modern and battle, most powerful surface ships in the world.

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