laguna view detox center

Tucked away in one of the world’s most beautiful beaches, a luxury oceanside addiction treatment center awaits people in need of help. A private and professional detox and addiction treatment center, surrounded by ocean views is only one phone call away.


The treatment facility recently decided to announce their renaming, to Laguna View Center, rather than Laguna View Detox. The name change evolved as a result of Laguna View Center wanting to market that they are not only a treatment center for detox level of care but for residential level of care as well.


Clients who choose to enter the detox program typically spend five to ten days in treatment and then step down to the stabilization period that best suits their needs, this is most commonly residential level of care. The residential level of care at Laguna View Center can range anywhere from one to three weeks. During residential level of care, Laguna View Center offers groups up to four times a day with one outing per day. Laguna View Center believes that individual therapy is vital; this is why they offer specialized individual sessions with an expert therapist 2-3 times/week. Their personalized therapy is tailored specifically to ensure the best possible outcome and experience.


Often times when people struggle with addiction they push away the people that love them most. It is not uncommon for an addict to not recall the specific reason they outcasted their loved ones. Through the family sessions offered at Laguna View Center this fosters the healing process that can occur between an addict and their loved ones making for a stronger chance at maintaining sobriety after treatment.


Clients who have tried traditional rehabilitation methods and failed may thrive in Laguna View Centers Holistic therapy, learning Yoga, Meditation, Skill Building, and Whole Body Wellness. They also offer, Spiritual therapy, CBT, DBT, couples therapy, life skills, Anger management, aftercare planning, outpatient and SMART recovery. Their list of programs is enough to accommodate anyone in need of healing.


For more information, visit their easy to navigate website. Laguna View Center accepts most insurance policies and will make verifying it effortless. Their certified drug counselors are waiting to help anyone overcome addiction and change their life for good.


Starting from the first call, they guarantee treatment options based on the client’s specific needs. They practice honesty and transparency when it comes to the treatment process and medications. Laguna View Center is staffed with professional and empathetic counselors, who are highly trained in treating addiction and substance abuse, including mental health issues. In the heart of beautiful Orange County, their center offers luxury accommodations with pacific ocean views, which makes dark parts of one’s journey seem a little brighter.


Professional treatment is vital for overcoming addiction and sustaining life-long recovery. Contact Laguna View Center to start on the path to sobriety today.


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 Laguna View Center
Address: 31305 Ceanothus Dr.
Laguna Beach CA 92651
Contact Number: 866-819-7187