Alex Winter (l) and Keanu Reeves have already turned two “Bill & Ted”movies, 2020, a third part

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With a video message follows the actor Alex Winter (53) and Keanu Reeves (54, “Matrix”) new Details for the third part of the film series “Bill & Ted” announced. The first Film, “Bill & Ted’s crazy journey through time”, came out in 1989. The first sequel, “Bill & Ted’s crazy journey into the future”, was released in the year 1991. Movie number three will follow in the summer of 2020, as the short Clip. The title betrayed the two Stars: “Bill & Ted 3: Face the Music”.

Big thanks to all the Fans

in addition to the announcement of the title and of the anticipated theatrical release, the actor in the Video directly to the Fans of the cult-comedies. The third Film would not have come without you. You can feel “great gratitude”, says Winter, and end the message with “be excellent”, a Phrase from the first two movies are well-known. In the German synchronization rather “grenades strong” or “Volle Kanne Hoschi(s)” are likely to be remained in my memory.

“Bill and Ted’s crazy journey through time” was a great success. The Sequel failed to match the success. It’s a TV series and a cartoon series followed, though. Alex Winter plays Bill, Keanu Reeves embodies Ted. Cult Status have reached the two figures from all. It remains to be seen, what will they experience 30 years later.