series on the top level, and plenty of movies – and all at a fixed price: This is Netflix’ offer to Streaming customers. Above all, the strong in-house productions such as “Daredevil”, “House of Cards” or “Spuk in Hill House” to make the service attractive, Netflix is investing each year, many billions of euros. Now the service could pass the costs on to the customer in the Form of more expensive subscriptions.

Who wants to currently to complete a new subscription, get Netflix, sometimes significantly, to increases in the prices displayed. Up to 17,99 Euro the Premium subscription costs. The are four euros more than previously due. The Standard subscription is also more expensive. With 13,99 euros it is now up to the previous level of Premium subscriptions, after all, three euros more than before. The smallest subscription, Basic baptized, rises to two euros to 9.99 euros.


In the Test, customers get a further price models displayed


The Beautiful, the beast, and a lot of super heroes: Coming in January to Netflix

By Malte Mans

fetches the new prices are not flares fix

Before the customers and pitchforks, a word of reassurance: so Far, it is only a test balloon. The confirmed Netflix to “iFun”. In order to test how customers react to different prices, to get new subscribers over a period of time a different price. All see the same prices. When you first Try we got about 15,99 Euro 16,99 euros as prices for the Premium subscription offered. A disadvantage of the new customers not have: complete the subscription, also apply to the lower, current prices.

Too early, and should not be the customers but The new prices could well come on all of you. As Netflix tested in the summer of 2017 new prices, it took only a few months, to which were then implemented. At that time, the price of the Basic subscription increased by a, the Standard and Premium plan, respectively, to two euros. The Standard plan, Netflix corrected the price soon after, he went back to a Euro down, but remained more expensive than before.

+++ Here’s why it for Netflix soon, much less shows and movies++

should be +, Not all Tests

current Test

to be implemented Up to 20 Euro in the month of: Increased Netflix soon, the prices?

The last Test, however, was not implemented – at least not yet. Last fall experimented Netflix, individual Premium Features such as HDR, 4K, or Atmos Sound in their own subscriptions to outsource, only a more expensive “Ultra”Version offered all of the Features. “In this case, Netflix is testing a slightly different Price levels and Features, in order to better understand how consumers assess the value of Netflix,” the company said at the time, compared to the star. In the current price tests, these considerations play no role.

A Change has been implemented by Netflix, however: Since the end of December devices can no longer be on Apple iTunes credit as a payment method to select. Only those who set up this payment method, can use, according to Netflix. Netflix saves with this measure, powerful money: If a subscription on an Apple device is set up, conceded Apple’s 30 percent Commission. This is money that wants to keep Netflix of course yourself. You can find out more here.


boredom with Netflix? Here you will find five Alternatives

The video streaming of the major providers make the race. Anyone looking for more Specific, is disappointed in Netflix or Amazon Prime Video but often. We present five small, but fine Alternatives.

By Malte Mansholt