The mobile frequencies auctioned in the spring for the new mobile radio standard 5G, can provide basic technical reasons, no area-wide 5G-supply in Germany.

the mobile expert of the digital Association Bitkom said in Germany radio. “The frequencies that are now available, have no great Empire,” said Nick Kriegeskotte, Director of telecommunications policy at Bitkom, in the DLF. With the range of realistic distances of a Kilometer per antenna could be bridged mast. “This means that you can provide so that no large areas.”

In the discussion of poor mobile coverage in Germany, many of the problems would be projected in the upcoming spectrum auction, the said one could not solve with the award, Kriegeskotte. The necessary frequencies are in part, already been auctioned in 2015. What is a problem is it to tighten up now, in retrospect, for the requirements. It is economically difficult to realize the required supplies along roads and rails. A doubling of the mobile sites would be necessary.

In the spring, to be auctioned new frequencies for the 5G Standard, which should allow for faster mobile Internet. The Standard is especially important for industry, data can be transmitted in real time. 5G is about a hundred Times faster than 4G, the radio range, however, is significantly lower.

Against requirements for coverage have been submitted in the meantime, the major wireless provider, a lawsuit with the administrative court of Cologne. Also controversial is the requirement that companies to open their networks in structurally weak regions, also for their competitors (Roaming). Such a “forced cooperation” led to less Expansion, because the expansion of the grid for the Provider lohne, said Kriegeskotte. Important to speed up the approval process for the Expansion and lead to a discussion on low frequency ranges, with which there is a supply in the area.