Dave Grohl at a gig in Los Angeles

©Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency/image collect

It was the first concert of the Foo Fighters this year, for front-man Dave Grohl (49, “Play”) but it was apparently not a successful start. The singer is ousted from the gig in Las Vegas from the stage, after he had poured a beer down.

In a viewer on Instagram posted a Video of the musician is to see how he takes the beer from a Fan in the audience, while he plays the guitar. After he had spilled a part of the box on a speaker, he seemed to drink the Rest of the content in a train. Then Grohl wanted to go back to the stage, slipped, but on the edge and fell. The Security men helped him immediately back to the top, where he could apparently unharmed to continue playing. “Dave Grohl: like Bud Light, and hates gravity”, has commented on the Fan Instagram Video.

It is not the first Time that Grohl falls at a Show from the stage. During a concert in Gothenburg, he crashed out of 2015 and broke a leg.