Eva seems to be one of the favourites in the battle for the heart of Andrej Mangold to be


Time to say adios, Los Cabos, Mexico. But before saying goodbye to all of the Ladies are not allowed to group date at the beach. Of course, a Feast for the Bachelor: “When you are six bikini models taking to the sea, is not so bad,” says Andrej Mangold (32). However, a few hours later, there will be only five Models. Jade has the nose full.

in The evening, at the campfire, tells the Bachelor’s your decision: “My goal was to meet a man, but you’re with the other much more, we have never spent a lot of time alone.” “Oh, God, Jade”, he stammers, but also finds that time has not passed. The parting is difficult, especially in the case of Jade and the girls, “are my family.” A happy Cheers and keep on going to the next rose award. For the Brazilian Nathalia, the Bachelor has no flower, and thus not a home date in Germany.

Steffi was sleeping with Stephi in a bed

the First Station back in the Good-Old-Germany: Düsseldorf. Mangold visited Steffi in her rent, she lives with her girlfriend Stephi, and learns with a champagne and cake also Steffi’s mother-to-be, the Mama-instincts set off alarms. “I don’t think you’re the first role for him,” she warns Steffi, as the two are alone.

you have observed quite a bit: “Where did you get him in the Arm, he did not respond. I would have indulged you so,” cries mom before the decision. The Bachelor’s visit from Steffi’s apartment and is visibly abgeturnt, when he learns that she’s sleeping with her roommate in a bed: “if you like it, mine would not.” Nevertheless, there are still a kiss and Cuddle on the couch and Steffi remains hopeful.

Also lives in Düsseldorf, Eva. First, we go to the Greek Mama, which finds that the potential groom fits well with the family. Your blessing has so ever. In eve’s apartment, the Bachelor and the flight attendant approaching. “It crackles in any case, feels good, is also passionate. I realize there’s something happening in me”, pulls Andrei to his second home date balance sheet.

Jenny surprised him with a love letter

Jenny in Bremen, the knight of the rose learns her best friend Sarah know that is happy, both in love. What is the first impression he had had of Jenny, Sarah wants to know. No, he had so little memories of it, openly admits the Bachelor. Cuddling on the Sofa, Jenny reads to him a self-written love letter. “So what has never made anyone for me,” he says with tears umflorten views. “Because you know that it’s real.”

Funny, the last home date with Vanessa’s sister in Augsburg. The mom baked a cake with the Bachelor’s heart, and it is omitted joked. On the Sofa, then it comes to the first kiss. “That was very careless,” Andrey “We have developed together. With Vanessa on the side I have a good feeling about this.” With the other, but Yes, also: The Bachelor wants to have a look at where the head is the most out of.

Hard decision on the airport

“I’m a head person that I am, but now I have to listen to my heart,” says Andrej was in the seventh night of the roses at the big Showdown at the airport. “My heart guides me the way.” And leads him to Steffi, she gets a Rose and is extremely upset. “I have enjoyed my time with you, but in the case of the other women I am,” said the Bachelor, while he accompanied her to the car.

Steffi finds this unfair. “Would have found it beautiful if you’d want to have by look”, before throwing it to him. “I had a overnight date, because he has given me a very different feeling,” sobs later and have to realize: “My mother was right.” The dream dates next week, so only Jenny, Vanessa and Eva are allowed to accompany the Bachelor’s degree.