With 56.448 LEDs have transformed the Kiel students the facade of a University building into a giant screen. The light-emitting diodes were mounted in 14 storeys with 28 Windows screen diagonal: well 43 meters.

The first semester of the computer science want to show in the framework of the “Project Lighthouse” on Wednesday and Thursday at 20.00 by a self-programmed Version of the Puzzle game “Schimmler”. The work on the basis of the Java programming language is a prerequisite for participation in the final exam for the lecture, said project leader and Ph. D. student Christoph Daniel Schulze (34).

In the aluminum Strips with the light emitting diodes a finger nail big Computer. Connected together, they form a giant game console. “This is a bit of a screen in the Extreme,” said Schulze. Of the required also when you Play a conversion: So you have to move the head more.