Luke Mockridge (left) and Jan böhmermann may SAT

©[M] features.1/Willi Weber/ZDF/Ben boy

a total of 16 winner of the Grimme prize, 2019 have been announced. Among the most well-known price, an old Acquaintance of ceremony: Jan böhmermann (38, “Neo magazine Royale: Live in Concert”). For example, it has managed to secure for his contributions “Varoufake” as well as “fake” for one of the prizes, the latest of 2018 for “eggs of steel – Max Giesinger the German industrial music”. This year, he gets the prestigious award for his critical piece “Let you monitor! – The PRISM IS A DANCER Show”, in which the handling of personal data in the network satirical was discussed.

carriers, Also to this year’s price Luke Mockridge (29). The comedian and author delivered the idea for the show “CATCH! The large satellite.1 Catch Friday”. Furthermore, the Jury awarded, among other things, the series of “Bad Banks” (ZDF/Arte) and “Beat” (Amazon Prime Video). A total of 13 of the 16 awards were given to the Public.