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Some of the statements with a Yes I doubt that policy understand the inside and the politicians really what is meant by progress. For example, the Statements by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Chancellery chief Helge Braun and Minister of education, Anja Karliczek for the new mobile radio standard 5G.

Angela Merkel said at the Labor national conference in the last week, that it is not immediately a nationwide Expansion of the new mobile need standards. A reliable 3G Standard is sufficient.

brown said at the weekend in the ZDF that the current Standard is 4G already “pretty damn quick”, he for the economy, for households and for the citizens absolutely.

And Karliczek told the Reuters news Agency that 5G “is on every milk jug” is necessary. Nationwide 4G network, Yes, but so as to be fitted then also.

4G is not enough for Autonomous cars

One can only be glad that the three CDU-policy living inside, and politicians during the first industrial Revolution. How would you have argued? The steam engine was already well and good, but once coaches and work animals were also, for the economy, for households and for the citizens?

the digital revolution is changing our lives is similar to that of the steam engine, we are in the midst of a fourth industrial Revolution. Germany can’t have a part of old economy are still very many suitable business models, our prosperity is also secure in the future. The need to know the Federal government but – and it is legitimate criticism from its own ranks. What remains, however, are faulty Statements.

The new mobile radio standard 5G is of course only a step in this direction. He makes of the Federal Republic of Germany is not automatically a digitized the country. He also creates automatically innovative industries or brings forth brilliant ideas. And, of course, a comprehensible Argument lies in the statements of the politicians. Namely, that the Netflix user or the smartphone shopper doesn’t necessarily need much more than 4G.

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However, the Federal government is failing to recognise the importance of a decent communications infrastructure for the digital change. Politicians should not come in, and as in past years, of “industry 4.0” and “farming 4.0” palaver, or from networked machines, and then with the milk jug. It doesn’t fit. And who wants to enable new business models, such as Autonomous Driving and tele-medicine, e-5G. Because many of the innovations that we are talking about today, in theory, be only through the real-time transfer of data is realistic. A blanket is not enough, in the end, 4G network (what is it Yes yet again).