How good are the networks of Telekom, Vodafone and Telefonica are? That is the question the magazine “Connect” to the end of the year. And since the merger with E-Plus, especially O2 to fear again and again in front of the result. Now The Telefonica was able to increase powerful. The quality of the competitors is still far.

The biggest weakness remains

The Achilles heel in all providers is the Same: After the Minister Altmaier announced a few days ago on the record that he’s ashamed of rides for the German mobile network in a train or in the car, gives him right of the Connect-Test. Connection crashes, failed Downloads, and funk holes In the track and on the road can continue to convince any of the providers. Particularly, O2 is weakening. The best connection offers the Telekom, but also there there are significantly.

“Chip”-network test

The networks of Vodafone, Telekom and O2 in the Test – and there is a big Surprise

By Malte Mansholt

In the cities, however, the picture looks more nuanced. The Telekom is actually the provider with the best voice quality, is obsolete in this point in the pedestrian zones of Vodafone. Also O2 can score in big cities, both in phone calls as well as the mobile data and the same draws for the data connections, even with Vodafone. In smaller towns, but it is more difficult. Here the O2 network is struggling, especially with longer build times, and reduced voice quality.

Telekom remains the front

When the rank does nothing in any case: As in the last seven years, the Telekom will secure scores the first place. “Very well,” the D-network, attested to “Connect”. Whether in data or telephony: Telecom delivers the best result, even a slight increase to the already good previous year. There are a total school score of 1.3. A strong result.

because Of high speed

LTE with a snail’s pace: the Provider

By Malte Mans justify Holt

a Little less well Vodafone cuts: compared to last year, the Provider has even lost some points. According to “Connect” the mind, however, that the test procedures are getting tightened up more. According to the magazine, the performance is not likely to have remained about the same, an increase there was. After all, it will be sufficient for a “good” overall grade (school grade of 1.8).

Since the Telefónica can not keep up, in spite of increases for a long time. Although it has the best result since the merger of O2 and E-Plus, with the total score of 3.1 but the result is only “satisfactory”. Above all, the weak power in small towns and in the country has O2 messed up the stars, in the big cities, by contrast, there were noticeable improvements. The last year was significantly different. Came to a similar conclusion a Test of the “Chip last week already”. Here you can learn more.

exposure & Co

Like a Pro With these simple Tricks you have to shoot the best photos with your phone

So, Connect”

tests “For the network test Connect back put “” together with the partners of P3 to travel large distances by car, train and by foot in the whole of Germany. In the process, groomed Smartphones worked, Test calls and data-calls. In addition, users were able to measure an App’s performance on their devices and allowed a more differentiated view on the performance of the networks. The user data accounted for 15 per cent of earnings, the remaining 85 per cent come from the “Connect”measurements. Data and telephony were in the ratio of 60:40.

The full Test is available here:

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placed in The correct Position on the router, and the orientation of its antenna can work wonders. You should therefore try to calm different locations. In addition, it can help the Router elevated on the wall to hang up.

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