The Internet was supposed to liberate humanity with information – so the pious desire. But it was with his boundless freedom, to the depths of the people. Long fight against sexual depictions of children is also part of the year. However, the repulsive images and Videos, there is not – as you would expect to see only in the dark corners of the darknet. Until recently you could find them directly in Microsoft’s Bing search engine.

The reports “Techcrunch”. According to an anonymous tip, the prestigious industry magazine commissioned at the end of December the Israeli company AntiToxin, to look at Microsoft’s Bing search engine with the appropriate Material and had a shockingly quick success. Who gave plump “Child porn”, received no results. Already in the case of small deviations with relevant keywords for child pornography such results appeared.

murder in Herne, Germany

Where child-murder is celebrated: 4Chan – the sick side of the Internet

harmless search, illegal result

How drastic the representations are not, is completely understandable. Techcruch and Antitoxin have censored the search results for understandable reasons – otherwise they would eventually spread illegal content. In a description it says, however, that children and adolescents would have been to see in clearly sexual poses, and had in part, alone or with other children, but also adults, “different Sex acts performed”.

Even Accidentally you could have to the report about the images stumble. When looking for a kids ‘ favorite network App, and the addition of “kids” in Microsoft’s series of images way of un – and scantily clad children and young people on the search screen ended up the same. Worse still, The search engine recommended still the same “girls 13” and similar terms as an extension of the search. Even if you opened an image, display more sexual images as recommendations. The same result was found in other seemingly harmless terms.

For the search had been turned off in the case of Bing, the “Safe Search”. So Microsoft calls the content filter, which removes the default setting (“medium”) all-too-objectionable content such as pornography from the results. The competitors Google Antitoxin had with the same settings, and the search has no child terms found pornographic content.

Shocking art

deep fakes: Why are you in porn play might, without knowing it

By Malte Mansholt, The Microsoft says to be the incident

to keep clear of failure, the image search in Bing from any illegal content-free, also detects Microsoft. From “Techcrunch” with the knowledge confronted a spokesman for the company said: “This type of search results are of course not acceptable and we estimate it to be from “Techcrunch” made aware. We have immediately removed the results and will try in the future to avoid such violations in the run-up.”

According to the group, a team of developers was in the process of the Search and suggestion algorithms with appropriate Filters. However, don’t seem to work yet: Some of the tested concepts are intended to show, according to Antitoxin is still illegal content.

Software alone is not enough

The case shows a fundamental Problem of search engine operators. On the one hand, the mass of the contents is too large to check everything manually, on the other hand, you can not rely solely on the artificial intelligence behind search engines. According to Microsoft you do, so I called on a mix of machine and human testing. How big is the Team for the test and whether it should be expanded, not wanted to betray the group.

in fact, Microsoft has already begun early on, certain images to detect and filter out. Together with the University of Dartmouth has developed the technology, PhotoDNA, recognizes the images on the basis of a digital fingerprint. The Software is licensed for a fee to other companies. In this case, it was not enough.

post-traumatic stress disorder

Microsoft-office-sorted extreme Porn-Videos – now you complain

Two former Microsoft employees sued the group. Her allegation: they suffer because of their activity in the security team in a post-traumatic stress disorder, because they are spotted for many years, extreme Porn and violent videos.