Without the mother of the small bear would not be able to survive Mansour in the Wilderness. Three years ago, he was barely bigger than a Teddy bear, as the Pilot, Andrei Ivanov heard the pitiful Calls of the terrified and hungry Bärchens. In April 2016, an Unknown person had thrown the bear cubs on the runway of the airfield in Orlovka in the Tver Region.

Ivanov was not able to leave the small Mansour to his fate, but an enclosure for bears, built on the airfield. A small private place where pilots and aviation enthusiasts a rare historical aircraft restoration and wait.

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A decision with big consequences: on Growing a bear in people, it becomes a pet and get used to human idiosyncrasies, for this, skills are lacking to him about hunting, learn about the little bear from their mother animals. “Mansour is very friendly, he met people with confidence,” said Ivanov. You can’t release a bear later, when he is grown up, in the Wilderness. And Mansour was very large very quickly. He was just a cute ball of fur, three years later, he is far larger and heavier than his human friends.

Difficult search for a new home

For the Hobby pilots, it was no longer possible to keep the great bear. In a conservation area was not an Option naturalizing, but fortunately, his rescuers found the other pilots who were ready, on Mansour to watch – again at an airfield.

The airport “Oreshkovo” in the Russian Region of Kaluga, a private fenced forest has the area, where Mansour will be taken care of now. There, he has his own enclosure, but can also be through the forests of the surrounding strip.

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The Pilot, Andrei Ivanov, the “guardian” of the bear is still, and tries to visit his friend as often as possible. The new helper had an idea of how you could cope with the cost of Mansour. Because quite simply, it is not in Russia, too, to keep a bear. If Mansour is not just hibernating, estimated his monthly expenses to be approximately 400 Euro.

Internet fame earned the lining

Mansour had to be an Influencer – an Internet star. He not only has a instagram presence, but a website on which you can watch via Webcam, his bear life. With the Cams Mansour earned his living. Similar to Cam-Girls, you can donate to the bears money, if you look at it.

“this year, our plane is bear is not in hibernation, and therefore, we can observe his behavior. In recent years, we have seen with the camera, as he has the Winter’s sleep,” said the Pilot, Andrei Ivanov, “Ksomolskaya Pravda”.

Mansours income seems to be developing quite well. Ivanov hopes that the money will be enough, the bears in the spring, a lovely Pool and a swimming beach.

source: Ksomolskaya Pravda

Second world war

Wojtek – the bear that fought against the Nazis and as a Hero immortal

The bear Wojtek was fought with the Polish forces in Italy. Its use in the bloody battle of Monte Casino, made him a Polish national hero. Today, he lives on as a fantasy hero.

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