Because his nose perpetually dripped, had to Greg Phillpotts in some cases even handkerchiefs stuck in the nose – an incredible four years of the New had a runny nose York life.

His initial suspicion of an Allergy, was wrong. Every doctor he visited in the course of the last few years, she was diagnosed with a different disease: Once it was a pneumonia, a chronic Bronchitis.

No physician was able to stop the continuous runny nose – until it escalated

“I prepared the food, stood in the kitchen, and it blended with the ingredients – the whole Dinner was ruined,” said Phillpotts the US-American TV-channel ABC News about his permanent discharge. He was always afraid that he suddenly Secretions from the nose runs: “It can happen anywhere. You could be on the plane, you could just talk to someone and the stuff is running out of your face”.

His Suffering only came to an end, as the Situation escalated. At some point it was so bad that the 43-Year-old from New York got no more air and in the nights of no sleep was to be found. Phillpotts was from Dr. Alfred Iloreta at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York to investigate. The finally found the cause: Greg Phillpotts brain fluid delivery from the nose!

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when is a cold reason, to go to the doctor?

Dr. Iloreta gave the News channel ABC information that there is a fluid that surrounds the brain to adjust to shocks. When this Liquid running from the nose, the bacteria could ascend, and so the brain infect. A dangerous brain skin inflammation (Meningitis) could then be the result.

Phillpotts was lucky: After a minimally invasive surgery, the Doctors closed the “leak”, is the reason why the duration of cold is now a thing of the past.

a runny nose to leaking brain fluid, indicating that it is very rare. However, there is. Dr. Iloreta from the Mount Sinai Hospital, advises caution, if only a nose hole outlet, over a longer period of Secretion. Salty taste and severe headaches are also an indication that you should immediately go to the doctor.

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