The red-and-black majority in the Bundestag has asked the Federal government to cooperate in the search for a compromise on the controversial local Roaming for the new mobile radio standard 5G.

“We’re concerned about an amendment to the telecommunications act,” said Federal transport Minister, Andreas Scheuer (CSU), the German press Agency. The provider cooperated, was already a reality. “And now, the idea would be to create, easy planning security for providers, and we are in discussion with the coalition groups, how we implement this best.” At the request of the Parliament, experts on the Federal government’s thoughts on how the wording could look like in the telecommunications act.

In a dispute with the local Roaming it is important that in areas with many radio of the locally represented Provider holes to open up their networks for customers of the competitor, which in this Region actually, no reception. This procedure is intended to ensure in sparsely populated areas, the network coverage for all users. The network operator values the strict state requirements for the Roaming, however, as the commercial brake pad, because expensive investments in radio would be devalued poles. In particular, the nationwide national Roaming, which would facilitate providers such as United Internet, the entry in the 5G market will be decided by the providers as a kind of expropriation of their investments declined.

this spring, the auction of frequencies for the new mobile generation, 5G. The technology with high-speed Internet is particularly important for industry. The transfer rate is about 100 Times as high as in the case of 4G (LTE). The three network operator Telefonica (O2), Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom have to fight back legally against the Federal network Agency, submitted rules on Procurement.

referring To the lawsuits the Federal Ministry of transport on Wednesday at the Federal network Agency. A spokesman for the authority said on Wednesday: “We have pointed out in the discussion of the procurement rules, that the decision of the court may be reviewed. To the ongoing proceedings, we do not Express ourselves.”

The Federal cartel office considers the criticism to be inappropriate. “The Federal network Agency has made under the given circumstances, a good proposal for the award of licenses,” said cartel office chief Andreas Mundt, the “Rheinische Post” (Wednesday). “The national network operators will be obliged to negotiate with other providers on fair, non-discriminatory network access.” The network Agency to the case as a referee is a difficult task. “This is not easy and is associated with a certain degree of legal uncertainty,” said Mundt. Crucial to the practical implementation.

Ministers of transport, Scheuer said, the Federal government had improved the design of the Federal network Agency’s “real” in the past few months. “Of course, was felt in this debate, the anger, the every people’s representative to Parliament brings – namely, that you can make phone calls in Germany the lack of well mobile.”

The network Agency has decided not in the end of November, presented rules for the network provider to a roaming obligation. You wrote only that the companies have to negotiate about this topic. In addition, the holders of frequencies “in accordance with the competition and anti – trust can enter into the right partnerships for joint economic expansion of the grid”, as it says in the rules for the frequency allocation.