The Berlin-based communications Agency, WMP Eurocom AG terminated as a reaction to the murder of the Saudi government critics, Jamal Khashoggi, the advice of the Saudi leadership. “After the terrible fact, we must realize today that our intermediary role as well as the possibilities to support the forces of Reform, can no longer be seen by the German Public and therefore not represented,” said WMP-in-chief Michael Inacker, the industry service!. “Against this Background, we terminate the mandate.”

Khashoggi had on 2. October, the Consulate of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul to enter documents for the wedding, with his Turkish fiancee, to pick up. He never showed up again. According to present knowledge, he was killed on the same day in the Consulate building. Saudi officials denied repeated the connection of the crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to the death.

The previous day had reported the Bild am Sonntag (BamS), that the Saudi information Ministry of the German PR Agency WMP to pay monthly to six-digit sums of money, so they improve the Image of the Kingdom in Germany. This is according to the daily mirror only a fraction of what the country invests each year in lobbying: Also in Washington, London and Brussels, and the king’s house, numerous PR has hired agencies.

Agency sees itself as an intermediary

According to the daily mirror began a PR Offensive by the Saudis after the attacks on September 11. September 2001 in the United States. Since 2015, the Berlin-based Agency WMP for the Gulf state. She specializes in political communications consultancy and is considered to be well-connected in their Supervisory Board, former politicians such as the Ex-Finance Minister Hans Eichel (SPD), Michael Fuchs, to 2017, the Vice-Chairman of the CDU/CSU-group, and Rezzo schlauch, former Chairman of the green group in the Bundestag seats among other things. The Chairman of the Supervisory Board, the former editor-in-chief of the image, Hans-Hermann Tiedje.

In WMP-the report submitted to the BamS according to its own figures, touting the Agency with a network, “which guarantees a fast access to new politicians and senior advisors in each of the new Federal government”. Also, the former Ambassador of Germany in Saudi Arabia, Peter Haller, changed, before the end of his service in Saudi Arabia to WMP.

The Agency’s chief Inacker rejected in the Interview allegations, the work had served to manipulate the public opinion in Germany in the sense of the king’s house. The Agency was used in an intermediary role, and many journalists would have contacts to government departments in Riyadh and the Saudi civil society, said Inacker, the news Agency dpa.

Including journalists of BamS, such as these, which are in your report. “BamS reported in April 2018 in Saudi Arabia, on the Situation of local women, has received an order from WMP support the necessary Visa applications,” it says. By the end of October, the star and the Report of Munich reported that the Saudi information pay the Ministry of WMP.