2014 was feverish Boris Becker from the audience with his then wife, Lilly, in the case of “Let’s Dance”

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After the station RTL, Barbara Becker (52) as a first candidate for the new season of the dance Show “Let’s confirmed Dance”, from the age of 15. March to swing the third Ex-relationship of Tennis legend Boris Becker (51) in the TV your dance leg. In season 7 in 2014 with his second wife Lilly Becker (42) competed and reached back with her dance partner, Erich Klann (31) a strong fifth place. The difference to Barbara: Lilly was in a relationship during their participation in even with Boris.

Two years later, in the ninth season in 2016, took part with Alessandra Meyer-Wölden (35) Becker the ex-girlfriend of the TV-Show. You ertanzte with Sergiu Luca (36), and a seventh-place finish. Meyer-Wölden was engaged in 2008 for a few months with the former world rank list first. A few months later, he, together with Lilly in front of the altar.

as we know, this marriage also failed: in may 2018, the two go their separate ways – including public mudslinging. Under Boris Becker’s Ex-Love, with rapper Sabrina Setlur (45) or the Model, Angela Ermakova, also other potential “Let’s Dance”-candidates. Or Becker to occur and possibly at some point even in the case of “Let’s Dance”? Given its physical condition, this appears as quite unlikely.

His body is not playing, possibly with

After all, he is operating thanks to the top sports tidy depletion of his body. In 2013, Becker has revealed for the first Time that his ankle was “totally screwed” and he was also due to the unbearable pain in an artificial hip joint. Now will try the spring first, Barbara Becker, to climb the first place. Whether or not Boris will be your press in the thumb?

Barbara got married in 1993 at the age of 27 years, the former exceptional athlete and was purged in the nation-wide headlines. In 1994 and 1999, their two sons, Noah Gabriel (24) and Elias Balthasar (19) came to the world. Even after the divorce in 2001, Barbara Becker remained as a fashion and jewelry designer on everyone’s lips. Their numerous DVD and book publications to your Yoga, Pilates, and fitness programs to enjoy great popularity until today.